Uk Modem in Frances

  Dearersteak 21:39 19 Apr 2003

Just wanted to know, If i was to take a british machine to France, would it work on a french Dial up ISP just by changing the settings? Or is there more to it?

  Paperback Writer 21:43 19 Apr 2003

Should be ok. You can set the Modem Country in Control Panel.

  -pops- 06:18 20 Apr 2003

Your biggest problem would be in plugging the modem into the telephone socket. France uses a completely different connecting system.

If this is a temporary transfer to France, it is possible to get adapters. Dixons (hush my mouth!) used to sell them and you should be able to get them at airports (or perhaps the tunnel/ferryport shops). Otherwise, I would think about a new modem. They aren't expensive and likely to be even cheaper in France.


  britianicus 09:31 20 Apr 2003

No problems with modems in France. If you still wish to use your UK ISP for collecting emails then just add 00 44 in front and drop any 0 at the front of the UK number that you are dialling. For instance if you dialled 01234 56789 in the UK you would change this to 00441234 56789.
The phone connection shouldn't be a problem as my UK bought laptop came with the correct connection for connecting the laptop to a phone line. Either try the evil empire as mentioned above or visit most Cora/Leclerc/hyopermarkets that have a computer area and the sasleman will be able to sort you out. Hope that this is of some help.

  graham√ 09:51 20 Apr 2003

Bear in mind you cannot access numbers beginning '0845' or '0800' from outside the UK, which covers most ISP's.

Beware of the steak in France, a lot of it used to go 'neigh'!

  -pops- 09:57 20 Apr 2003

Note that Dearersteak is asking about modem fittings, not dialling to the UK. Vide:- "french Dial up ISP"

I assume that was a joke about the steak.

I've worked in France for many years and I can tell you that neigh-steak is almost as rare as hen's teeth.


  Dearersteak 10:21 20 Apr 2003

ok, well, the joke about the steak just went completely over my head, but hay, whats new? Maybe i'll get it when i'm older.

But in the mean time, my question has been Resolved plus more.
Thanks to all that replyed, Green tick on the way.

  graham√ 10:37 20 Apr 2003
  -pops- 10:50 20 Apr 2003

I stand by what I said.

I have worked in France for many years and only once seen horse meat available in a restaurant. Yes, there are horse butchers but they are very unusual. The statistics you refer to do not compare with, say the weight of cows or, especially, pigs killed. I think you will find it is a tiny fraction.

Note I didn't state that horses are not eaten, just that they are not commonly eaten hence "ALMOST as rare as hen's teeth" in my contribution above.

This is getting away from the subject of the thread. I am certain the Dearersteak will be able to use his/her modem in France with the appropriate adapter and also enjoy some excellent bif-tek if he so wishes.

Just had a thought, both the modems on my current computer are French - the Alcatel broadband (the frog) and an Olitec Smartmemory 56k


  anchor 13:20 20 Apr 2003

Getting back to your original question:

First, as previously stated, you would need a different connector as the French phone socket is different. Secondly, if you intend staying in France for a time, you should subscribe to a French pay-as-you-go ISP service. Wanadoo is one the biggest, (its affiliate in the UK is Freeserve). I hope you read French.

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