UK IT ive been scamed! square one!

  Unemployed!! 17:40 21 Mar 2006

I have read the recent messages about the UK IT training company and would just like to thank all those people that posted comments about them. UK IT really is a scam!, I went for an interview last week and i was accepted but i thought i should do some research into them before i handed out any money and thanks to you guys i have declined the training offer. Im currently 19 and IT is the career route that im determined to take but does it have to be so exspensive?, im unemployed and really cant afford it!, all i keep hearing is that to get a job in IT you need at least 2 years hands on experience, but you need a job even if its just answering telephones for a technical support desk to be able to gain any experience, is there any one out there that can point me in the right direction? or even offer me a job?, UK IT have let me down big time and understandably it has upset me and put me right back to square one.

  csqwared 17:55 21 Mar 2006

This might not be the answer you're looking for but to my mind the best option is go back to school. There are full time courses at tech colleges which, if you are willing to stick at it, will take you to Degree level. That pre-supposes you have some qualifications under your belt already, GCSE etc. Have a look on the internet, no matter where you live you should find something to suit.


  phono 18:01 21 Mar 2006

Try the Open University, the courses are expensive but as you are unemployed you may well qualify for some assistance.

  griffon 56 18:07 21 Mar 2006

I saw somewhere on a forum, it might have been this one, or it might have been in a mag, that 'Learn-Direct' has free IT courses. I apologise in advance if this is not the case, I haven't checked it out, it's just a vague but fairly certain memory.
Google Learn + Direct and see what comes up. You can't lose. You might also try the '.....for Dummies' series of books and there are also cheap but good IT books by Babani Publishing. Enrole at your local library, they have mine upon mine of information, and there are also Job Centres, and, in particular, the Citizens Advice Bureau for free advice. You could try sweeping up at your local computer shop on a Sunday for nothing, in exchange for a bit of hands-on and some basic training. Go for it. Good luck.

  griffon 56 18:11 21 Mar 2006

To tell the truth, it wouldn't go amiss if you lurked around this and other forums, they come up with some gems.

  Unemployed!! 18:41 21 Mar 2006

Thanks for your advice guys and i am seeking help from connexions with a part time college course but the problem is that any course they come up with will start in september, i cant sit around untill september with no money and i just thought that getting a bit of experience in first by working for an IT company would give a good head start before i start any course as well as earning a bit of money to get me started. the main problem i have is the financial side of things, i have tried for a grant once before and was unsucceful and i wouldnt be able to pay back a bank loan for a very long time especially without a job! i would greatfully recieve any more advice people may have.

  SG Atlantis® 18:47 21 Mar 2006

get a job doing something else for a while, take a course in the evenings.

I have IT quals and can't get anywhere, sometimes it's not what you know, IT'S WHO YOU KNOW!

  Forum Editor 19:00 21 Mar 2006

any job, and work towards your goal. At least you'll be generating income, and that will provide you with the means to study - at night, and at weekends if necessary. Potential IT industry employers will be far more impressed by someone who showed the determination to self-start, than they will by a person who expected an IT career to land in his/her lap.

  pj123 19:01 21 Mar 2006

I was an IT Trainer for a County Council before retirement. I taught IT up to NVQ Level 3.

We only accepted "unemployed" people from the JobCentre, there was no charge and each section of the training was 26 weeks. All trainees got a training allowance on top of their unemployment benefit plus any travel expenses.

We also had a "Placement Officer" who would assess the progress of any trainee and make every effort to get them a job placement or a permanent job. I have been out of the training scene for some time now but I believe there is a scheme called "New Deal" which might give you some hope. click here

I do still have contacts in the training area. I will ring around some of them and see if I can find out anything new that may be of use to you.

  phono 19:40 21 Mar 2006

Spot on as ever, very sound advice, you would do well to heed this Unemployed!!

That is indeed a very generous offer on your part.

  Unemployed!! 20:16 21 Mar 2006

thanks again guys all the advice you are giving me is really helping me and i welcome more advice as it is really helping me move forward.

pj123 thanks for your advice and your willingness, and i would be more than grateful if you could gather any more info for me, what a great help!

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