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  interzone55 15:15 19 Jan 2003
  interzone55 15:15 19 Jan 2003

Below is a link for HM Customs & Excise

click here

Can anyone read the quick links box on the right of the screen?

How does Tony expect us to use the government websites if the government departments don't even care about the useability of the sites?

  VoG™ 15:16 19 Jan 2003

I can read it without any problem

HM Customs and Excise Charter

Complaints and putting things right

Ministers announcement on the next stage of the long-term strategy to tackle tobacco smuggling

Pre-Budget Report 2002

Electronic VAT Return

VAT Registration

EU VAT Registration checker

Importing a car

National Insolvency Unit

Printing pages from this site

SpACE - Spreadsheet Auditing from Customs & Excise

Paying your VAT and duties - how we can help

Citizenship, education and the Redbox

Protecting society

Customs Confidential 24 hour hotline 0800 59 5000

Our fight against smuggling, tax fraud & crime

How to spot smuggling & fraud

About us

Excellence in public

Reports, plans and agreements

Career information

Supplying and tendering

Our history

© Crown copyright

Business & trade

Importing, exporting and EC trade
Rates of exchange
Electronic services
Other taxes and duties
Trading on the Internet

Public & travel

Your customs allowances
Banned & restricted goods
VAT refunds for visitors
Shopping on the Internet
Travellers' charter
Notices for travellers

  Quiller. 15:22 19 Jan 2003

I had to drop my reolution to 800x600 and increase text size to medium.

It then comes up clear as a bell. lol

  interzone55 15:23 19 Jan 2003

What resolution & browser are you running?
I'm on 1024x768 & IE6 & it's just too small to read on my screen.


  Forum Editor 15:27 19 Jan 2003

are clear enough. I think you have to look at your display settings. What screen size are you using at 1024x768? Try 800x600 and see how things look then.

  interzone55 15:33 19 Jan 2003

I'm running a 15" TFT at 1024x768 (the native resolution). I have no trouble with any other websites, I have no trouble with the massive spreadsheets I use for work.
But when I come to one of the very expensively funded government websites I can't read a the quick links (not exactly "quick links" if I have to resize my screen each time I want to read them).
Was this site coded by hand in notepad, surely they could run a script to check the screen res of the visitor & resize the text accordingly.

  Quiller. 15:40 19 Jan 2003

alan14. Same resolution and I.E. as you but on a 17" crt.

  Forum Editor 15:50 19 Jan 2003

on my laptop, and on my wife's 17" CRT display - no problem with either of them. Perhaps you should increase the text size in IE?

The code looks pretty good to me, nice and clean, and altogether I would say it's a well-designed site. There's even a link to a graphic-free, clearer text version on the homepage; why not try that?

  -pops- 15:52 19 Jan 2003

I can view the site perfectly OK as I can other government websites, which I use a lot.

As it's only you amongst the respondents here that seems to be having a problem, your comment: "Was this site coded by hand in notepad, surely they could run a script to check the screen res of the visitor & resize the text accordingly." seems somewhat out of place.


  interzone55 15:54 19 Jan 2003

1) As I said, I'm running at native resolution, with standard text size & this is the first site I've ever had a problem with.
2) My 15" TFT is as near as makes no difference, the same size as a 17" CRT.
3) I didn't know there was a text only version because, erm..., I can't read the site.

Clicking as resolved thanks for everyone's speedy response, first reply 1 minute after posting!

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