.uk addresses (How much nominet!?!?)

  xplogos 15:01 05 Feb 2004

Does anyone know why .uk addresses seem to cost so much more than .com addresses, when surely a .com has a wider reach?

Also I recently received a proforma from nominet to say that one of my .co.uk addresses was about to expire and the charge to renew was £94 for tow years! It only cost me £15 to register it (with a reseller) for two years to begin with. My .com address only costs $45 including hosting per year.

This feels like nominet are just trying to trick people into paying their very highs costs...


  erkmatrix 15:32 05 Feb 2004

I got that sent to me too could quite believe it as I only paid $8.99 for a .com address from registerfly.com and they sent to me saying it would be £80 + VAT

this is the reply when I questioned them,

"Thank you for your email. The domain name was invoiced to your at the
full rate of £80 + VAT because the service provider attached to your
domain name had not indicated that they were renewing the domain name on
your behalf. The discounted rate for renewals only applies if the service
providers renew the domain names on behalf of their registrants as they
received a discounted rate."

I think they are perhaps some sort of scam using the nominet name as well no one would pay that for a domain name, I'll just get the name again from registerfly for $8.99, it sounds iffy to me.

I don't even use the domain name in question anymore but have a few more up for renewal soon, wonder if I'll recieve the same email.


  Sheila-214876 15:34 05 Feb 2004

Just spoken to my domain host and they say that if Nominet are invoicing you direct then the domain in question has not been renewed before so their (Nominet) charge is £94. I would suggest you get on to your host and ask why they have not renewed it for you. My host always rings me before expiry and it is then renewed by them at a cost of £20. Of course as they also host the site I get renewal of the domain name and the hosting on the web for a total of £50. They have never let me down yet so maybe you should look for another host?

  xplogos 15:45 05 Feb 2004

At the moment the host I use for my .com can't register .uk addresses, and the original company I ordered the .co.uk address through have gone bust.

The main reason I'm worried about this is because I am about to set up a couple of .uk addresses and don't wan to get stung every couple of years for £94!

ennuye - Your host sounds very reasonable. If you don't mind me asking, who do you use?


  Sir Radfordin 16:26 05 Feb 2004

You can do a tag transfer (£15+VAT I think) via nominet and get the new TAG to renew the domain at the discounted rate - oneandone click here is my company of choice.

  Talented Monkey 17:50 05 Feb 2004

I was once told by someone that I was paying too much for my .com domains at £10 a year and £15 for 2 years for .co.uk Certainly there are cheaper registrations around, but as always cheap dose not always mean best, have you got any extra hidden costs such as a extortionate fee to have the nameservers changed to point to another hosting company.

I have just received several letters from a company called EU registry service, which has ‘Domain Expiration Notice’ in a large font in bright red blazed across the top, next to the company name and address in a , dare I say deliberately camouflaged near white font.

The letter then goes on to tell me that my domain is due to expire, and that if I do not re register it my website will cases to function and it will be available for anyone else to buy. To remedy this and protect my domain name from such a fate I must enclose £60 for 2 years registration and agree to the small font light grey terms and conditions overleaf.

This is just another get rich quick con for unscrupulous people to make money on peoples ignorance and fear, one which it seems more people are willing to take.

Needles to say these have gone straight into the bin, and I suggest that anyone else does the same with any other such letter unless it has of course come from your own domain register.

  barryoneoff.co.uk 02:53 06 Feb 2004

at 1&1 costs £1.99 per year. With a verification from Nominet included.

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