uh oh, where has my HDD gone?

  hmm.... 21:41 14 Jul 2006

Hi. I have just today received two brand new raptor HDDs, which i promtly put into raid 0 and put windows xp on. After a mere 15 mins, windows went mad, said there was a problem with the raid and shut down. My 2nd raptor is gone now..... it doesnt even appear in the bios. I have fiddled around, and ended up putting xp on just one of the disks. The other ones seems dead though. What has happened to it?

  ade.h 23:15 14 Jul 2006

Don't panic yet. Disconnect both disk and reconnect the faulty disk to SATA0, then try to install XP to it (using the usual F6 command to install the SATA driver). If it boots up to the installation screen, then the disk is okay and it must have been a problem with the array. If so, it could simply be a faulty driver; RAID drivers are usually okay but I've experienced the occasional flaky one. Check for newer revisions just in case. What chipset is it?

  UncleP 03:12 15 Jul 2006

The RAID combination of two or more disks is seen by Windows as a single unit, usually C: - you won't find the others unless the RAID has been degraded by some fault or error.

When you boot, there should be a status message for the RAID, either 'healthy' or 'degraded'.

  hmm.... 09:38 15 Jul 2006

i have pulled the hard drives out of raid, but only one appears in the bios... Interestingly the drivers ASUS provided with my p5w dh deluxe were for the ICH8R, which mine has ICH7R, and they wouldnt work, so i had to use some gigabyte ich7r drivers i found

doesnt it suggest a dead drive though?? :(

  hmm.... 11:26 15 Jul 2006

I have tried the hdd in another pc, and it doesnt make a sound, so i dont think its even powerering up...

  ade.h 13:17 15 Jul 2006

Yep, most likely dead, then. The Raptors do sometimes seem to be a little bit marginal, though mine have been okay.

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