rickimalone 18:23 02 May 2004

Will this hardrive:click here

Work with this motherboard:click here

Also being my first PC DIY project will buying it OEM make it harder for me to set up, than getting retail box version???


  powerless 18:25 02 May 2004

HDD will work with mobo.

Installing a HDD is easy but go retail and you'll get all the manuals and stuff.

  byfordr 18:32 02 May 2004

Can't get your link to work :-(

Would recommend paying a extra £10 for double the capacity click here

Is it the A7V8X board you have got?

There are plenty of guides for installing a hard drive from all the major manufacturers (Maxtor and WD do good ones) If not a quick trawl in the search should throw up some forumite ones.

You should be able to get everything you need from here click here



  rickimalone 18:38 02 May 2004

Just found this:click here

I think this is reasonable for a retail box set can anyone let me know if it's a good make??

  byfordr 18:49 02 May 2004

Assuming you don't have any cables to connect the hd to the motherboard.
click here
click here
& a oem drive
all manuals and drivers here click here

OEM much cheaper even buying cables etc...manuals and drivers can be downloaded for free!


  Totally-braindead 20:05 02 May 2004

Agree with byfordr if the oem is cheaper go for that if not then get the retail version. As he says you can download the software so the only advantage the retail has is the ide cable and you get one of them with your motherboard anyway, you'll get enough screws etc with your new case to connect up the hard drive. It is worth checking on the guarantee though. I've never really worked this one out but its true in a lot of cases, if you buy the dearer retail version you get a 1 year guarantee, but if you buy the cheaper oem version you sometimes get a 3 year guarantee. Doesn't make much sence to me but there it is. And its worth spending a little bit more now and getting a bigger hard drive especially as we're only talking £10 extra.

  SEASHANTY 20:16 02 May 2004

Go with the 80GB retail boxed Western Digital you
suggested. It will have all the RIGHT threaded & length screws you require. The correct 80 wire ribbon cable and detailed fitting instructions. As this is your first DIY PC project go retail box. It will save you the hassle of trying to find the correct screws etc.,

  rickimalone 16:53 03 May 2004


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