UDMA Mode for IDE Seagate Drive

  frostysnowman 11:15 28 Feb 2007

I have recently built a PC with an Asus AV8-VM motherboard running Windows XP Service Pack 2. I have noticed that when I start the PC the Bios is identifying the hardrive as being UDMA Mode 3 but I know that the drive is UDMA 5. However, when I am in Windows the drive is correctly stated as UDMA Mode 5 in Device Manager. I have looked at the Bios settings for the hardrive and they are all set at Auto. I can manually set the DMA Mode for the drive to UDMA Mode 5 but I am wondering why the Bios on the Auto setting is only stating UDMA Mode 3. Is it alright to manually select UDMA Mode 5 for the drive or can it corrupt data or cause any other damage to the drive. Any advice on this matter greatly appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:26 28 Feb 2007

when I am in Windows the drive is correctly stated as UDMA Mode 5 in Device Manager

If that is correct then not worth messing with BIOS unless you intend to run a different operating system.

  Batch 14:17 28 Feb 2007

I gather that Windows (from XP onwards) can override certain BIOS settings, so this may be what is happening.

I remember having a Western Digital drive that the BIOS showed as a lower UDMA level than the drive ostensibly supported. WD provided a utility which enabled one to change the UDMA level of the drive - I thought this was something actually set on the drive, as I couldn't see anything in the BIOS to change. Anyhow, the utility worked.

But as /\0/\ says, probably not worth messing with.

  frostysnowman 18:40 28 Feb 2007

Thanks for your replies.
I use Norton Ghost to image my Windows XP Partition outside of Windows. The image is restored considerably quicker if I manually select UDMA Mode 5 from the Bios settings than if I leave the Bios on Auto setting (The Bios detects the drive as UDMA Mode 3). Is it OK to manually select the UDMA mode? I am puzzled why the Bios is stating a lower UDMA mode.

  woodchip 18:43 28 Feb 2007

YES, You BIOS may be old BIOS

  frostysnowman 20:24 28 Feb 2007

Thanks for your reply.

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