UDMA /ATA - Are they the same thing

  JayDay 19:24 05 May 2004

My Motherboard supports UDMA/33, ATA/60, and ATA/100. I am trying to replace my 6.8GB UDMA/33 HDD with a 20GB UDMA/66 HDD. I can not get the BIOS to recognise the drive. I thought UDMA and ATA were different terms for th same thing. Am I wrong? If I am this would explain why the BIOS won't recognuise the drive.

  woodchip 19:32 05 May 2004

They are the same thing the problem is more likely that your BIOS does not recognise the Drive you may need a BIOS update but If you do not like that IDEA the get Drive overlay software that creates it's own BIOS settings in the Master Boot Record. I do not like recommending the second, if you are prepared to take the risk of a BIOS flash

  Djohn 19:33 05 May 2004

Not absolutely sure but I think the problem may be that you are still using the original 40 strand IDE cable instead of the later 80 strand cable. j.

  woodchip 19:34 05 May 2004

PS have you been into the BIOS and run auto detect or set the settings, from the record on top of the drive

  woodchip 19:35 05 May 2004

It would still recognise it but work at a slower speed

  JayDay 19:38 05 May 2004

Thanks. Not sure about the solutions. The drive I am trying to replace is an old one that is being run as a slave to store pics etc on. My main 40GB drive is recognised no probs, and I only flashed the BIOS about a month ago. I thought overlay software was for old BIOS's that had trouble recognising drives over 2GB.

  woodchip 19:46 05 May 2004

If it recognises the 40 then forget the BIOS flash, you need check the back of the drive and you will see rows of pins and a jumper on two pins check which ones and look at the top of the drive you should see a small diagram it will have letters by each set of two pin like MS for master SL fo slave you need to put the jumper on the SL pins

  woodchip 19:48 05 May 2004

PS look at which pins the old drive are on regards to the letters SL it should be

  JayDay 20:00 05 May 2004

The jumper settings are correct. I have tried to autodetect in the BIOS and also entered the settings manulally. I can only assume that the drive is a duff one (it was given to me)

  Dan the Confused 20:17 05 May 2004

Long shot, but drives may not be compatible. Try swapping them.

  JayDay 20:27 05 May 2004

Dan - Can you expand. Swap which drives? I have a 40gb as the master on the primary with a CDROM as a slave. On the secondary I have a CDRW as Master and the 20gb drive I am trying to install as a slave

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