ubuntu weird fan

  stormrider123 13:22 25 Jul 2010

hi i have a Compaq pc with ubuntu 10.04 installed on it

the situation im in inst really serious as I can boot up my computer and do what i want to but its just that in the past few days my
I hear normal sounds of the fan when turning on the computer and when im using my pc and opening programs and stuff the fan seems normal. but then suddenly the fan starts to spin faster then usual and the fan sounds louder like its overheating or something but it doesn't force my computer to shut down so im guessing its nothing to do with over heating.

but can anyone tell me if this is normal or not?

  LastChip 14:09 25 Jul 2010

It's not unusual for a computer to behave in this way.

My laptop does it all the time. Essentially, the fan speed is controlled by the temperatures sensed within the computer. Often, the fan will speed up when the computer is under load for some reason or another and the CPU is working harder.

  Strawballs 14:31 25 Jul 2010

You could try taking the side off and the cooling fan and clean out the dust from the heat sink.

  stormrider123 21:43 25 Jul 2010

i opened the case and there was a reasonable amount of dust in the fan which i carefully dusted out and also there was a lot of dust near the heatsink stopping the cool air reaching the cpu or something
it doesnt do it all the time now but just occasionly e.g when running powerfull programs but it usually stops over a while

  stormrider123 21:46 25 Jul 2010

can anyone tell me if its possible to replace a heat sink as mine is old and o have had to have ot repaired 3 times in the last 2 years

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