UBUNTU Live CD query

  Simsy 09:18 08 Mar 2008


I have UBUNTU 7.10 on CD.

With a previous version, 7.04, I could boot from the CD and run it "live"

The 7.10 version doesn't appear to offer the option to run live. I can boot from the CD, but it only offers various install options.

Have I missed something... do I need a special "live" version of 7.10?

Thanks in advance,


  kjrider 09:43 08 Mar 2008

This won't be of much help to you, but I am using 7.10 64 bit version at the moment, installed on an old spare 20Gb HD.

20 mins after putting the CD in, I was on the internet with it all working - and the Office suite can show the new M$ 2007 Excel spreadsheets.

Have a look at the website - there seem to be quite a few versions of it.

I am getting quite into Ubuntu and its tempting to leave M$ altogether. Has a lot of nice screen savers on it!


  Simsy 10:03 08 Mar 2008

I'd previously installed 7.04, having run it live. This was gradually updated to 7.10...

I'm now in a reinstall situation with a new HDD, so I don't currently have it installed, and will use the 7.1 disc I now have to install from...

However, a mate is coming round shortly and I was intending to demonstrate how to run a live CD... I don't seem able to do so with the disc I have?




  DieSse 11:14 08 Mar 2008

The standard download of all versions normally does create a live CD.

If'n you want to be really flash and show the latest (pre-release) version of Ubuntu - you can get version 8.04 alpha6.

It runs fine, and as standard has the Compiz eye-candy operating.

click here

  Simsy 11:19 08 Mar 2008

do I run the live CD?

I'm not offered that option, as I was in previous version?




  DieSse 11:22 08 Mar 2008

It boots and just runs - if yours doesn't then either somehow you get the wrong version, or the download was corrupt - or something else.

  DieSse 11:26 08 Mar 2008

I no longer have a 7.10 CD to try, and see what it actually says - but I remember they have always been obvious - so if yours isn't somethings up (as they say)

  Simsy 12:59 08 Mar 2008

but the options then available to me are;

"Install to the Hard Disc"
"Check CD for defects"
"Rescue a Broken System"
"Memory Test"
"Boot from first Hard Disc"

The first of those options, in the 7.04 version said, "Install to Hard disc or Run from CD"

If I press F1, HELP one of the options is "Boot methods for special ways of using this CDROM" but going that way doesn't give me any "live options either??

I got this on the coverDVD of PCPro magazine. I'm going to try the download and see if I do any better from that!




  Simsy 16:39 08 Mar 2008

by re-burning the CD. Something had obviously gone wrong in the original attempt!

Thanks for your interest.



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