Ubuntu Linux

  Crazygeorge3 14:14 23 Sep 2007

Hell there,
A lot of my freinds have Ubuntu Linux and i was thinking about getting it myself, just out of curiosity really. So heres my question, i already have vista installed, can i run both?

  iambeavis 14:43 23 Sep 2007
  Pamy 16:08 23 Sep 2007

Why not just run it from the disk?

That way you do not have to install it or remove it when your curiosity ends.

  DieSse 16:18 23 Sep 2007

If you want to install it - look at Wubi - this lets you install it from Windows (except 64-bit versions).

click here

You can try Ubuntu 7.04, which is the latest released version - but version 7.10 is looking promising, although it's still in alpha (to be released sometime in October, and is going to be the new long-term support version) - it looks very good already, and is quite stable enough for testing and familiarisation.

click here

The Kubuntu version is here click here

Kubuntu (Ubuntu with the KDE desktop) is more like windows, in case you were wondering.

  Crazygeorge3 16:23 23 Sep 2007

Thanks for all the help. I would like to install it but i have 64 Bit Windows :(. Is it worth it? is linux good?

  Pamy 16:30 23 Sep 2007
  octal 16:33 23 Sep 2007

The Ubuntu disc is what they call a live CD so that you can start the computer with the CD in and try it, firstly to make sure all your hardware is compatible and secondly to make sure you really like it before installing it, nearly all the distributions do that now a days.

It will install with Vista, no problem, it will ask if you want to keep the existing operating system (Vista), once it's installed when you start the computer it will ask which operating system you wish to use.

Although I only use Linux, I still use a live Linux CD because it means I can play around with things without messing up my main system, if I mess anything up on the live CD I just switch the computer off and start again and the status quo is kept on the main system on the hard drive.

Just a matter of interest I had a problem with my hard drive and I disconnected the hard drive and ran on just the live CD and a flash drive for storing my settings and files on for a couple of weeks till I sorted sorted out the hard drive.

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