UBUNTU Instalation help pls?

  Uboat 18:23 20 Jul 2010

Hiya guys! ive had enough of Microsofts OS's years & years of Updates & glitches format after format..ive run dry with patience with them!

Now ive got a Ubuntu disc in front of me for a full installation & to delete my Vista Ultimate BUT i'm not at all familiar so i wondered of you could help me pls..

Ive done the few questions like keyboard settings etc but when i come to the "install" part i dont seem to be able to do anything cause its all shaded out.? can anyone locate my problem or help me in any way pls.?

Here is a screenshot ive took as you can see there is no command available?

click here

  stormrider123 18:35 20 Jul 2010

what step did you get before this when i instaled ubuntu over my xp profesipmal there was an page before that which said 3 things. with a box next to it for u to click that option.
1. install ubuntu within xp
2.wipe out xp and install ubuntu on whole harddisk
3.manualy assign partitons

i chose option 2,and presed next and it went to that page and showed me all the partions i had and press next to cointonue

tell me if u have,anything similiar

  Uboat 18:38 20 Jul 2010

stormrider thankx here is a shot of the screen im getting before i click on "Install" click here

i didnt know to do anything other than click on install.?

  octal 19:06 20 Jul 2010

That's a picture of the live disk, if you click on install it will take you through the steps stormrider123 describes.

  stormrider123 19:13 20 Jul 2010

When you insert your cd inthe drive and restart ur computer you should get your computer manufactor logo then a black screen then u should get a purple backgroind with a little ubunyu logo at the bottom when you,see this press anykey on your keyboard spacebar works the best. the important thing is that you should press this before 30 seconds
if you,do it right you should see a list with diffrent languages on select the language then you should see,a,screen with a ubuntu logo at top and a 5 things at the bottom use your arrow keys and navigate down to the line that says install ubuntu which is usually the second line and press enter
you should now see a background wait for a few seconds,and a box will apear in the cemte you will have seen this before as its the install wizard answer all the questoons as normal and this time it should reconize all your operating systems and partitons on your harddrive . after you fill out all the simple questions you will be presented with the screen i talked about in post 1

  stormrider123 19:15 20 Jul 2010

First of all sory post was so long and secondy when i said post 1 i ment my first post
hope this helped

  LastChip 19:46 20 Jul 2010

take a look at this:

click here

You're getting to the point in the installation that wants to partition your drive. Assuming you want to use the whole drive, you will loose any data that is already there, so make sure you have backed up any important data.

It is actually, a very simple installation procedure and if you use the defaults, will pretty much take care of itself.

Another option that I recommend for new users is Linux Mint: click here which I think is better for new users. But at the end of the day, they're both good systems.

  Uboat 20:03 20 Jul 2010

Ok guys il do this back to front il post this with these pics then il read the above replies & thankyou so much uve all be VERY helpfull

Ok in sequence this is the screens i get up..

click here


click here

Then i have the main screen with these: click here

& these top right: click here

So i clicked on the "Install" icon is this the correct way.?

  Uboat 20:05 20 Jul 2010

btw i click on the LXF ubuntu linux at the top on pic 2 to install the program is this correct?

  ronalddonald 20:07 20 Jul 2010

do you want a partition yes or no if no press forward

its the same for mint linux

where did you purchase the Ubuntu disc from, did you download it, some downloads dont get burnt properly on disc, hence i would buy if from the linux shop should about £4.00 or £3.00

  octal 20:13 20 Jul 2010

This might help you, it's a step by step tutorial.
click here

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