Ubuntu boot up problem

  stormrider123 18:28 20 Jul 2010

I have a compaq pc and it runs ubuntu 10.04 my bootloader is grub 2
for some reason my computer will not boot up with ubuntu unless its in the noapic option so i have to press shift each time at startup to go to grub 2 and change the boot options to noapic so it boots

my question is can i somehow change the boot file and add the noapic option in permenantly so i dont have to acces grub all the time .
i tried editing the grub.cfg file using gedit but it only opens in read only mode.

is there any other way to do this

Thanks in advance for any help

  LastChip 19:10 20 Jul 2010

click here

Just be aware, in GRUB 2, you don't edit the boot file, as the structure of the boot mechanism uses scripts to create the boot process. (The boot file is designed to be tamper proof.)

You edit a configuration file, that produces the required results.

  Miké 19:17 20 Jul 2010

grub.cfg is not meant to be edited! however to do this from a terminal type sudo gedit, this will open your text editor as "Root" (the same as windows Admin) be careful !!!

  stormrider123 19:22 20 Jul 2010

last chip,thanks for the post link
i have one question
where do you enter all of the commands showed in the website the terminal window or the,command line in grub

  stormrider123 19:24 20 Jul 2010

I will also try out wat mike sugested

  LastChip 20:02 20 Jul 2010

You're likely to make your system unbootable.

As I explained GRUB 2, does not use grub.cfg as a configuration file, but more of a gatherer of information from files elsewhere.

Open up a terminal and copy and paste the commands straight into your terminal.

After each individual command, hit [Enter] to execute the command.

The first command will open up the file in gedit, (a text editor like Notepad for example) and once you've made the change, you save it as normal.

The second command (in the terminal) will update GRUB.

  stormrider123 08:11 21 Jul 2010

Ok i will not try and edit the grub.cfg file but i will try Lastchips idea and let u know if any luck

  stormrider123 10:12 21 Jul 2010

Thanks All of you who helped
i have now added the boot options in permenant'y and,it works

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