jjgall26 15:04 08 Feb 2009

I took the plunge and installed Ubuntu on an older computer but just can`t get the hand of it. I am now trying to uninstall it without success. Any ideas anyone

  Miké 15:09 08 Feb 2009

How did you install it?

On a seperate drive/partition or from within windows?

And did you dual boot with a version of windows or just have Ubuntu?

  LastChip 15:11 08 Feb 2009

Just as you can't uninstall Windows, nor can you uninstall Ubuntu.

If that's all you have on the computer, just reformat the drive and install whatever you wish, but be advised, that option will destroy all the data on the drive.

I am curious to know however, why you can't "get the hand of it". It's pretty much the same as Windows, just different names for applications, although the Firefox browser remains the same across all operating systems.

If you'd care to explain what you don't understand, perhaps one of us may be able to help you.

  jjgall26 15:14 08 Feb 2009

I installed on a brand new hard disc on a full partition. I only have Ubuntu on the drive. Ta.

  jjgall26 15:17 08 Feb 2009

I am having problems opening files and getting any sound while trying to play my music files.

  Miké 15:35 08 Feb 2009

So just insert your windows disk and reinstall the original os you will need to format the disk during the process.


"Just as you can't uninstall Windows, nor can you uninstall Ubuntu."

Not strictly true now because Ubuntu can be installed/removed from within windows (like any application) using Wubi click here

  ol blueeyes 16:41 08 Feb 2009

I installed Ubuntu within Windows as instructed in the latest "PC Advisor" Magazine. The only thing I cannot get the hang of is getting the E:Mail Going. Otherwise seems a good system.

  LastChip 16:45 08 Feb 2009

it is strictly true,unless (as you've said) you've used Wubi, which few people at present do. And as jjgall has subsequently indicated, he/she installed it to a hard drive, which the original post seemed to suggest ("installed Ubuntu on an older computer").

I suspect if jjgall had used Wubi, he/she wouldn't be asking the question, as the uninstall operation would be fairly obvious.

As an aside, frankly, I can see no point in Wubi, as all these distros can be run from a live CD anyway. Admittedly, you may see a minor increase in speed, but as Ubuntu would be bogged down by Windows anyway, it would be marginal.

jjgal; sound usually works "out of the box" but often the mixer needs to be adjusted - specifically the "surround" slider. As for files, it depends on the type of file you're trying to open and what (if any) application they require.

  LastChip 16:55 08 Feb 2009

I guess from what you say, you've installed it in Wubi; is that true?

Which email client are you trying to use?

Do you have Internet access via Ubuntu?

  DieSse 17:12 08 Feb 2009

Try this

click here

  ol blueeyes 11:27 09 Feb 2009

Yes Wubi MSOutlook 2007 Yes have Internet connection with Ubuntu

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