Condom 00:24 02 Oct 2008

I tried Ubuntu earlier today but could not get on the Internet due to USB modem not working with it so I took it off using Revo as nothing else worked including its own uninstaller. I now find when starting my PC that it still gives me the option of which system to boot into despite Ubunto no longer being on my PC. Does anyone know how to get rid of this irksome boot choice.

  rdave13 01:34 02 Oct 2008

Found this; click here , might be of help.

  audeal 01:38 02 Oct 2008

Try System Restore. I just used it to get myself out of trouble.

  Charence 01:55 02 Oct 2008

how did you install your Ubuntu?

onto a separate partition? or installed within Windows (using Wubi)?

If it is a normal install, just do as suggested by rdave13.

Put your windows installation disk in
Choose repair
Type the command "fixmbr"
... this should get rid of GRUB

If you installed Ubuntu within Windows, you just uninstall it like a program in the Add/Remove Programs.

  Condom 13:07 02 Oct 2008

I installed Ubuntu from a CD I burned from the ISO file I downloaded. The idea was to have a duel boot facility as I am not the only user of this PC. I installed it on a slave drive I use for backups and it went on great. However it would not work with my USB Modem so I tried to take it off using Add/Remove Programs without any luck. I tried its own uninstaller and no luck. I then tried the Uninstaller with CC again no luck so I used Revo and it flew off removing just about everything. CC found only 2 files left. But I can't get rid of the GRUB as they seem to call it. I have tried the suggestion from the site rdave13 suggested but after using FIXMBR and rebooting the GRUB is still there. OK it only adds about 12 seconds to the startup time but it is so annoying that programs you try can remain on your PC after they are officially removed. The Ubuntu help forums are not a lot of help as they seem mostly interested in keeping you with them rather than helping you with a simple request of how to remove it. They enjoy talking in their Geek talk with words which mean little to non experienced Ubuntu users. I should perhaps remind myself to look before I leap. Anyone else got any other suggestions on how to remove this GRUB which seems to be aptly named.

  iambeavis 13:24 02 Oct 2008

You may find some info on this page to be of some use - click here

  iambeavis 13:26 02 Oct 2008

The entire page - click here

  scotty 13:29 02 Oct 2008

I am surprised that fixmbr has not removed GRUB. One possibility is that GRUB is installed on the second disc. Try fixmbr with only one disc connected and then repeat with only the other disc connected.

  Condom 13:51 03 Oct 2008

Problem now solved. I suddenly remembered that I installed FixIt Utilities Express 7 a couple of months ago (free from PCA) and that it had a system restore facility in it. I have always found that Windows System Restore never works properly. Anyway a couple of minutes after firing up FixIt and chosing the day before I installed Ubuntu my system rebooted and the GRUB was gone. Talk about doing what it said on the tin. When I have finished building my son's newer PC I will use his old Pentium 3 to try Ubuntu again and do some learning before letting it near my present PC. You would think that a system so much talked up as Ubuntu is would have a very simple and complete uninstalling package written by someone to automatically get rid of this GRUB but what do I know? Anyway thanks everyone for taking the time to help.

  woodchip 14:15 03 Oct 2008

The fixmbr is the only way to remove it from Partition, it will restore the backup of mbr from end of drive

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