Uable to remove icon from taskbar.

  ened 11:21 30 Dec 2007

Windows Vista Ultimate

Yesterday I downloaded some updates from Microsoft. Included was Dreamscene.

I now have an NVidia Settings icon in the Notification Area which doesn't do anything and I want to remove/hide it.

The problem is that it doesn't appear in the list for me to be able to Hide it?

Hopefully some smart person will be able to tell me how to resolve this.

  hiwatt 11:29 30 Dec 2007

Can you right click on the icon and choose exit?

  birdface 11:29 30 Dec 2007

Not quite sure what you mean.If on quick start you can go into msconfig and stop it running at start up.

  iscanut 11:32 30 Dec 2007

Long way round. I expect someone may know a quicker way..
Right Click anywhere on desktop
Select Settings
Select Advanced
Select the GeForce NVidia tab
Start Control Panel
Select View then untick where it states Display Tray Icon or similar

  iscanut 11:34 30 Dec 2007

Should have said select Properties after clicking on Desktop. After right clicking, you may see an item NVidia Control Panel. If so, select this, then select View then untick the item.

  ened 12:04 30 Dec 2007

hiwatt : No. Right clicking on it has the same effect as right clicking a lank space in the taskbar.

buteman : It is not running it is just there. Left clicking brings nothing. Hovering the mouse over it just brings up the NVidia Settings notification.

click here

Nuts : Nothing relevent under view.

  iscanut 12:14 30 Dec 2007

When I click on the View tab, it shows
Define Custom View
Add to Desktop menu
Show notification tray icon

The last one above should be ticked/unticked according to preference.
Don't know why you cannot get these options to show.

  ened 12:25 30 Dec 2007

This is what is under VIEW:

ยท Advanced
Custom (Greyed out)
? Define Custom View

Add Desktop Context Menu

I just clicked on Define Custom View and it just brought up another screen with more options, none of which said anything about the notification area.

  ened 12:27 30 Dec 2007

That was a tick by Define Custom View - I don't know why it has come up with a ?.

  ened 12:28 30 Dec 2007

That was a tick next to Define... - I don't know why it produced a ?. Must be the formatting.

  anskyber 12:36 30 Dec 2007

Or you could use the customise notification area function. click here

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