Typing is slow when connected to internet

  Smason 21:42 12 Dec 2005

I have recently installed BT BRoadband on my nieces pc but whenever she is trying to type anything in email or search engines there seems to be a delay of around 10 seconds.
The pc is around 5 yrs old but only has a 128mb memory with not much spare. She has no problems accessing web sites and this is really fast. She can also type normally in any other programme even when connected to internet.
any advice appreciated.

  ade.h 22:38 12 Dec 2005

What browser is she using?

  ade.h 22:38 12 Dec 2005

And mail client?

  jack 08:35 13 Dec 2005

It its using of the resources - imagine- Open line,Browser,Email client, now the maching is being asked to type something.

I appreciate that folk like to respond 'live' as I am now [I am on dial up]
But with E-mail it is perhaps better to prepare work Offline in Word Pad say and then cut and paste to each address.

  Mavericke 13:03 13 Dec 2005

I think when she is trying to access the e-mail, the programme itself takes up a lot of resources. That should explain the delay.

  uisquebeathus 16:41 13 Dec 2005

Also if she has an Antivirus or even a Firewall running they are constantly checking in the background.
Have you any Spyware removal tools to check and clean the pc out, also the Internet Explorer history and temp pages could be requiring a clean out.
GoTO RUN enter %Temp% then delete all in the items that show up, or goto Internet Explorer/ tools/ Internet options/Dlete Cookies /Delete Files/ Clear history / then reduce history to 5 days.
GOTo Privacy and set the Block Popups/ and Advanced to medium/ Security should be at Medium as well.

  wee eddie 18:44 13 Dec 2005

More Ram needed

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