Typing Problems

  Spud 14:51 30 Apr 2003

When typing the cursor goes backwards instead of forward, am running Windows XP over Windows 98.
Anyone help this silver surfer.

  -pops- 14:55 30 Apr 2003

I think you've inadvertantly pressed the "insert" key - next to delete and below page down.


  -pops- 16:24 30 Apr 2003


  Spud 16:56 30 Apr 2003

no, see can u as Pops Hi

  -pops- 17:57 30 Apr 2003

Have you tried a system restore to before this happened? Or, perhaps, just a hard reboot?


  -pops- 19:05 01 May 2003

Do you still have a problem, Spud?

Moving to the top before it disappears into oblivion and to give others a chance to advise.


  -pops- 14:13 02 May 2003

Had an email from Spud saying that his problem is a real one and the suggested cures haven't worked.

Anyone else with any (real) suggestions as to what he can do?

I've asked him if he can be a bit more precise in what happens.


  graham√ 19:28 02 May 2003

Just putting my moniker on to keep track and to bump.

  graham√ 21:46 02 May 2003

Come on spud, only you can tick this. Was it a wind up?

  dblspace 23:22 02 May 2003

In languages (control panel) there is a facility
for right to left languages.I see the thread has been closed,thought I would mention it.


  Spud 06:33 03 May 2003

Graham,believe me its no wind up,I was in the middle of designing a Diabetic record sheet for the Ward I work on,the next time tried to work on the PC this problem occured, nothing in languages showing a problem

Still have the same problem,tried deleting word and re installing it,but still no luck.

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