Typing Fractions

  David4637 12:46 23 Feb 2006

Can you type a fraction in Word/Notepad by using ALT and a number, eg ALT + 0188 gives 1/4.
I have a laptop and need to press FN+ALT and the number but the fraction is not displayed. What am I doing wrong? Thanks David

  JWJH 12:51 23 Feb 2006

In Word 2002 I just type the fraction 1/4 and hit the space bar and it's done automatically

  rmcqua 13:07 23 Feb 2006

Here's how to do it in Word 2003:
click here
But it only seems to work for some fractions, 1/6 and 1/8 won't work, neither will fractions that don't have 1 as the numerator.

  Big Elf 13:18 23 Feb 2006

You might have to set NumLock on.

  TonyV 13:28 23 Feb 2006

If you are typing Fractions other than 1/4, 1/2 or 3/4, say 3/16, then you can always set the numerator in Superscript, the slash as Normal and the denominator as Subscript. It's a wee bit tortuous, but it does work.


  David4637 14:04 24 Feb 2006

I have Word 2K and your tip of typing it and then a space works brilliantly. It won't work for say 3/16 unless you use Super/subscript as also suggested. I will try ensuring number lock is on to try the original way of ALT + number.
Thanks ALL for your help. David

  osben 14:14 24 Feb 2006


For the more common fractions in word, why don't you just use INSERT>SYMBOLS

Hope it helps


  David4637 14:31 25 Feb 2006

How can you find out whether number lock is on, on a Tosh laptop? Thanks David

  Big Elf 17:44 25 Feb 2006

Not sure on a Toshiba but my Sony has a light come on next to a padlock symbol with a '1' inside it.

  David4637 14:38 26 Feb 2006

Will have to look in the booklet that came with it, unless any other ideas of how to test whether Number Lock is on or not? Thanks David

  Batch 15:04 26 Feb 2006

It isn't that tortuous to use superscript / subscript unless you are typing loads of fractions.

1. Type in the a numerator, select it, hit CTL and + (i.e. CTRL, SHIFT and the +/= key)

2. Type the /

3. Type in the a denominator, select it, hit CTL and =.

If the numerators and denominator are always of a fixed number of digits, you could record a macro that would do the whole thing for you. E.g. type numerator/denominator, run macro (ideally from a keyboard shortcut)

If you are really clever, you could write a macro that would do it regarless of the numebr of digits. E.g. after having typed the fraction, the macro would select backwards until it hits the slash and then deselect forward one character (to exclude the slash), put selected text into subscript, go backwards again to find the slash, go back one more character and start selecting, go backwards again until space character is found and then deselect forward one character (to exclude the space), put selected text into subscript; lastly go forward until a space character, line break, end of paragraph or other end of text character is located.

Once you've done the macro, all you have to do is type the fraction (e.g. 27/128) and then hit the keyboard short cut and hey presto.

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