typing errors and grammer

  hooligan 19:14 06 Oct 2004

i can check the spelling but cant check grammer, i ve no idea about it, and ive done a good few pages, and want to finish my site, is there out to use as i dont have a clue about commas and the rest of it.

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  Forum Editor 19:20 06 Oct 2004

although there is the odd typo in there. If you have new text that you want to add, and you're not happy about grammar I'll happily take a look at it for you - although you'll have to wait until the weekend. I'm abroad at the moment, and I've little spare time.

Send me the text as a notepad or Word attachment (to: [email protected]), and I'll edit it for you.

  hooligan 19:40 06 Oct 2004

just what ive put on lately, but sombody said theres loads of errors, grammer wise, i dont know about grammer,or english full stop.

cheers fe ok for some !

  hooligan 22:37 06 Oct 2004

I`ll do that lot, i will print out, when i can get to the libeary. hopefully tommorow

ps if you ever look at my site and see any errors on the other pages, email the errors, if you want

hope iam not asking to much !

Gardening is easy compaired to writing, ive done a few bits on the portfollio pages, i could not think how to make it sound better. any ideas.


  hooligan 19:27 07 Oct 2004

All done ! grammer is not on my site so it dont matter about that.

  hooligan 11:33 08 Oct 2004

All done FM, CHEERS

PARTY TIME, you no nothing about me, so shut up,

Given an infinite number of typewriters... some of them will end up with all kinds of primates! :(

And a few people who think there clever behind a pc. bet you`d not say boo in real life.

  Taran 00:21 09 Oct 2004

PC Advisor forum - expert advice you can trust.

I don't recall seeing it written anywhere that error free posts or replies are essential or that comments that contain direct and very insulting content are either required or warranted.

For those who may be somehow unsure of how the forum works, a problem is posted and help is offered. Not exactly rocket science, is it ?

On the whole it is a system that has worked beautifully for several years now and long may that continue.

There seems to be a recent increase in very barbed, personal comments and this, I hope, will be short lived.

hooligan asked for and was offered help, which was gratefully and graciously accepted. I don't think he or anybody else who frequents this forum deserves to be mocked by anyone and frankly, if this is the way things are heading, the PCA forum will be all the poorer because of it.

I'm sure I won't be alone in expressing a genuine concern over matters like this. The internet abounds with forums and bulletin boards where foul language, insults and all kinds of other unpleasantries are exchanged between members. This forum has so far remained free of such behaviour and is all the better for it.

I'm pretty sure that most of its members fervently hope it remains that way.

  Forum Editor 08:01 09 Oct 2004

from an extremely unpleasant person (who will not be bothering us again), and of course that leaves some other contributions looking somewhat out of context.

My apologies for that, but on balance I feel we're better off without the offensive comment. I'm sorry you were subjected to it hooligan, even for a short while.

  hooligan 11:30 09 Oct 2004

Fe / taran people dont like that dont bovver me, i just dont get why they bovver as Fm was helping. I NO i SHOULD NOT HAVE ANSWERED BACK BUT, Its hard not to. Cheers fm, i will try to change them today.

I am not sure how to do the sub menu, its took a long time to get this far, thats why i have the site map, I did try parent pages or something but got lost with it.

The jumping ive tried to fix that, but not sure how to really.

Glad you liked the site FM,

  Forum Editor 00:07 10 Oct 2004

on this site, hooligan. At the time I doubt if you imagined that a short while later you would be talking about sub-menus and site maps. As someone who had absolutely no knowledge of how to set about designing a site you've demonstrated how, with a little help from us it's possible to come up with something pretty good - you can feel proud if what you've achieved.

I can see you're getting plenty of excellent help with your text, so I'll stay out of it and let you and fourm member finish what you've started.

  hooligan 11:34 10 Oct 2004

But its 1 and half yrs Fe now, when i started with it. Time flys i rembember well too, i had that other web editor, cant think of it now.

Cheers FM i will do that, i just thought it might be good to find something else when you dont know its there, if you know what i mean. but i`ll do something to put them all in, still cant do the nav bit so it stays in one place.

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