type upsidedown in excel

  f1fan 22:47 10 Jun 2003

Does any-one know how I can turn text in a cell through 180 degrees?

  VoG™ 22:59 10 Jun 2003

(1) Emigrate to Australia.

(2) Format/Cells, Alignment tab - I think that this will only go 90 degrees. Why would you want upside-down text?

  f1fan 23:08 10 Jun 2003

Goo-day Vog

Reason- to print factory pan cards to laminate-- two on a page-- so second card,when cut has the open end facing down.

Hope that makes sense.
(Don't Know my-self now!!!)


  VoG™ 23:11 10 Jun 2003

I don't think that Excel can do this but I'm willing to be proved wrong.

I would insert the second sheet upside down in the laminator.

  f1fan 23:17 10 Jun 2003

We have over 200 tags to print out,
so would like to put two on a A4 page. To save money, the root of all evil. (so they say)

  VoG™ 23:22 10 Jun 2003

Send me a ticket to Silverstone and I'll work on it.

No, seriously you will have to do this mechanically (*pun intended*).

  Voyager 23:50 10 Jun 2003

Er, he's right ya know, isn't "-90" same as 180?? but I guess it depends on what your using, if MS Excel 2000, try right clicking on the cell(s) and then left click on Format Cells, then left click Alignment tab, and drag li'll red diamond ta bottom.

  daba 00:40 11 Jun 2003

Yoyager - -90 puts the text vertical reading upwards, and +90 puts the text vertical reading downwards.

Thee is no way to put the text "upside down".

The only way I can think of in excel is to use an "upside-down" font, but I don't know if these exist - I'll try a Google search later

  daba 01:06 11 Jun 2003

Just Sussed it out.

Side 1 - format as -90

Side 2 - fornat as +90

there's 180 difference between them so a fold at the right place is just the ticket !!

  daba 01:28 11 Jun 2003

Reformat your A4 page to "landscape" printout.

cells on the left-hand half configure as "-90" orientation, cells on the right hand side as "+90" orientation.

play about with cell "height" and "width", and remember, side 2 will have the same settings as side 1, you may need to redesign the form to fit the constraints of the formatting.

printout folds A4 to A5 about the centre line and the two new sides are the "same way up"

just tried it, its a doddle, and simple geometry, OK

  f1fan 08:56 11 Jun 2003

Thanks daba,
Great lateral thinking.

Problem solved.


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