two years of a crashing comp now sorted

  pharte 13:50 02 Jan 2005

since I bought my computer it has regularly crashed and rebooted itself up to 6 or seven times an evening.

It was sent back to the manufactures right at the begining and sent back to me with a report of everythink ok.

It has been prodded poked tested and reformatted so many times in the last two years that I know it intimately.

after loads of advice from the contributors on here and trying everything known to man I finally replaced the memory and guess what ..............

two whole days without a squeek !!!!!

Touch wood everything seems just fine, thanks to the people at crucial memory for a brilliant service including being able to speak to a real person who knew what they were talking about and blisteringly fast delivery (next day).

and of course for the input from all on the site.


  Strawballs 14:23 02 Jan 2005

2 years! that's what I call paticence I would have thrown it out of the window long before that.

  AragornUK 14:31 02 Jan 2005

I had exactly the same problem. Built a new PC, using parts from my old one. Never worked right. Continual BSODs, restarts etc. Tried everything I could think of. Gave up and bought a ready built base unit, due to needing a PC available there and then.

Recently, with a bit of time on my hands, I dug out the misbehaving one, took out one RAM module, and changed the BIOS setting for DRAM clock speed from AUTO to 166MHz (the FSB of the Mobo is 333). All has been absolutey trouble free for 3 months now. Needless to say I feel a little foolish. Took a load of stick and grief off the missus ;o) Gave her the base unit, networked them and she's happy as Larry now..........every cloud and all that.

  Digital 14:47 02 Jan 2005

I too had a memory prob couple of years ago & Crucial were really excellent in helping me.

  Diemmess 14:50 02 Jan 2005

Intermittent faults are the bane of all devices.

Years ago I bought a 'budget' Novatech (no software) for my son. No intermittency there, it simply trashed HDs as fast as I tried to format them. Novatech sent two replacement HDs and then took the lot back and fitted a third which also "found" endless bad sectors.

The last time they took it all back they did something (I was never told what) with the mobo, CPU or memory and said they had loaded Windows successfully and then reformatted (I wasn't paying them for software.

What ever it was it was successful and the computer still works well years later. 300Mhz is fairly slow by today's standards, but reliable! That was service indeed from Novatech.

  seedie 15:32 02 Jan 2005

Have bought from them several times and can't fault them.

Memory is not quite so innocuous as some would have us believe.

  Peter 15:46 02 Jan 2005


I agree with Strawballs; you must be very patient. When I went to open this thread I fully expected to see that you had taught your computer to fly and that it had dug itself a hole in the pavement below the window.

Glad you got it sorted eventually.


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