Two wireless connections and one wireless card!

  John B 12:32 22 Feb 2009

I've installed a Belkin wireless network card and its associated software in my mother's computer. The pc can see the card and the device manager says it's working properly.

However, in the system tray I have both the XP wireless icon and the Belkin icon. It seems that both bits of software are fighting for control of the wireless card and this results in no, or very limited connectivity.

If I disable the XP icon it seems to switch the wireless card off and the Belkin software can no longer connect to the internet.

I'm not sure how I've managed to do this but has anyone got a suggestion about how to get the wireless card running as it should?



  mgmcc 13:41 22 Feb 2009

I would recommend that you uninstall the Belkin card and its software and then install the card with *DRIVERS ONLY*, so that Windows' own Wireless Zero Configuration software manages the wireless networking. Instructions click here

I have three Belkin Wireless Network Adapters (PCI, USB and, in the Laptop, PCMCIA), all of which are installed without the Belkin networking software, only the drivers.

  John B 14:05 22 Feb 2009

and for the link. I'll go and try that later today. I assume I don't have to physically remove the card from the machine?

Thanks again


  mgmcc 14:12 22 Feb 2009

No, you don't need to remove the card.

  John B 17:35 24 Feb 2009

I have managed to get rid of the belkin software (thank you for the link and the instructions mgmcc) however wireless connection is still a problem.

The pc picks up the network (Billion 5200G R4) and will connect (hurrah!). However, after a reboot the pc can't always find the network; the WLAN led on the router keeps flashing even if the pc is switched off ... so I'm wondering if the router has an intermittent WLAN problem.

Everything works perfectly when they're both connected via ethernet cable.

Incidentally, I've set the security to wpa psk ... could that cause any issues?



  mgmcc 20:38 24 Feb 2009

If you've made any changes to the security settings in the router, you need to remove any existing 'profiles' saved in the PC's wireless configuration and then go through the procedure to "Connect" again. A new 'profile' will then be saved - instructions click here

  John B 12:14 01 Mar 2009

I've just been and tried to get the wireless network connection going but I'm afraid it still has the same problems; namely, the pc connects via wireless. Reboot, no connection.

On occasion no wireless network can be found (and the wlan led flashes away on on the router)and at other times the speed drops to 18Mbps so I'm beginning to think there must be an intermittent fault with the router (Billion 5200G R4). The router and pc are in the same room.

Interestingly my N95 phone can see the wireless network and connects to it but sometimes the connection speed is very (very) slow and at other times the connection speed is very high!

It works faultlessly with an ethernet cable.

If all else fails it'll have to stay as a wired connection which is going to lead to floorboards up etc.


Thanks for your help!


  mgmcc 12:34 01 Mar 2009

Try changing the channel number in the router's wireless settings in case there is interference causing problems with the existing channel. The default channel in most routers is either "6" or "11", so try using one of these or, if already using one, try the other. Avoid channels 1 & 2 as too many other wireless devices use the frequencies of these channels. Also avoid channels 12 or 13 which in some countries are illegal and to which some wireless adapters are designed not to connect.

  John B 12:58 01 Mar 2009

I assume it's only the router that needs a change of settings and that I don't make any changes to the wireless card set-up?

Thanks for the quick response!


  John B 15:33 07 Mar 2009

I've set the channel to 6 (it was set to 1), I also moved the router away from the dect phone that it was sat right next to ... and (fingers crossed) it all seems to work even after a reboot!

I'll give it a couple of days before I green tick the thread ... thanks again mgmcc.

  John B 09:13 23 Mar 2009

It still drops the wireless connection on occasion but overall it now works most of the time.

Thanks again


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