Two versions of Windows Media Player?

  dipsy 23:15 19 May 2003

I have a two part question - Firstly, I am running ME and my PC came with WMP 7 installed. A few months ago I updated to IE6 which installed WMP 9. When in IE6 if I click on the media icon on the toolbar it loads WMP 9, however, when I click on the WMP icon on the task bar it loads WMP 7. Is this supposed to happen?
Secondly, I can no longer play videos. I must admit I had a fiddle a while back as video playback has never really been that good. I followed some advice re- tweaking WMP to get a better playback and it just made it worse. I attempted to correct the problem but gave up until now. Can anyone help?

  BBez 23:37 19 May 2003

if you navigate to "start" button, programs the left click on the Windows Media Player 9 icon and drag it right down into the taskbar, this will place a shortcut to media player 9 in the taskbar. Then just delete the original one for Media Player 7.

As for movies you can click here and search for codecs which will let you get the media player 8.0 codecs pack (1st result after search) which may fix the video problem

  dipsy 23:49 19 May 2003

The WMP version 9 is not in the programs menu strangely! Only version 7. It's the same if I go Start>Programs>Accessories>Entertainment? I have tried to load WMP 9 from IE6 and drag it from there but that doesn't work. Unless anyone else can advise I think I am going to attempt to download and install WMP 9 again and see if that helps.

  crx1600 00:02 20 May 2003

is the wmp9 version just showing in the 'media bar'?

i think this is just the 'skin' built into IE6.

  dipsy 00:11 20 May 2003

Yes. It's only accessable from the media button. So you think I need to re-install WMP9 proper?
BTW - BBez, If re-installing does not sort out the video playback problem I will try your solution, thanks.

  crx1600 00:28 20 May 2003

reinstall? i dont think you ever installed WMP9 but just installed IE6,and got the new 'skin' for the media bar player.

if you want WMP9, make sure you download the correct one (winME and not winXP), i prefer WMP7 myself.

click here or open WMP7 and click Help\check for player upgrades.

  dipsy 12:35 20 May 2003

Thanks. Yes I was under the impression that I hasd installed WMP9 but must have just got the skin as you say. I was quite happy with 7 but have been having problems with video as stated earlier. I have now upgraded to WMP9 and the video problem seems to have been resolved.

  crx1600 12:42 20 May 2003

you was right about having 2 players though, if you browse programs\windows media player, you'll find WMP6.4 hiding in there :o)

dont forget to resolve your thread (green tick)

  dipsy 15:37 20 May 2003

I thought I had?

  Stuartli 16:24 20 May 2003

Some programs and websites still use older versions of WMP.

You can have several versions installed but in normal use you will being using the latest version, in my case WMP9.

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