Two SystemSoftware Directories. Which is used?

  Philbert 02:15 18 Jan 2015

This should be easy for someone out there. I discovered that I have two SystemSoftware directories. One is in the main directory. The second is a subdirectory to a directory "New FIle". The list of files in each directory looks the same. (I'm going to try to attach a screen shot.) I don't know how this happened. But I am afraid to delete one, for fear the system is using the files. I suppose I can just leave them both alone. The computer runs. I'd like to get rid of the 3 Gig of duplicate files, but I don't have to. Any suggestions to tell which is being used? Thank you. Phil

Samsung laptop using Windows 8.1 (I know. That was a mistake.)

  Philbert 02:24 18 Jan 2015

Well, I feel stupid. I can't figure out how to post a screen shot of my directories, and now I can't even find the "Search" option so that I can search for instructions on how to do it. Is there a Help forum for use of the Help Forum?

  Philbert 03:14 18 Jan 2015

Well this is interesting. While trying to figure out how to get a screen shot I could post in here (there must be an obvious way I'm missing) I dragged three files from somewhere into one of my SystemSoftware directories.

I'm going to quit fumbling about now. If some kind soul tells me how to post a screen shot, I will. If not, I'll leave the files where they are and hope the computer starts up in the morning.

Good night, all. Phil

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:12 18 Jan 2015

Unload the screen shot file to a picture hosting site such as Tinypic

It will produce a URL for you to copy

Post that url here as a link.

  Batch 10:13 18 Jan 2015

Screen shot: Use the Windows snipping tool: click here for info

Whole screen

  Philbert 20:12 18 Jan 2015

Gentlemen, Thank you so very much for coming to my aid. I ended up using tinypic, with Nimbus. Anyway, thanks to both of you for your suggestions.

1">[click here

Tinypic said that is where my 2 screenshots are. 1) Is of the two SystemSoftware directories. 2) The second shows the three files I accidentally dragged from someplace into one of the SystemSoftware directories. Thank you in advance. Phil

  Philbert 20:14 18 Jan 2015

Hyperlink didn't work. The path is click here you see the files? Thank you.


  Philbert 20:24 18 Jan 2015

Maybe this will work. click here

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