two screens one monitor

  vsmith 12:43 30 Jun 2009

Hi folks I wonder if anyone can help please. My computer opens with a desktop screen that i cannot click on and start anything nothing works. different start button icon etc and font size is different, and I am unable to work on it,clicking produces nothing

After a few seconds that screen goes and and the same screen comes up but the settings are different, these are the correct settings, Icons and start button are all correct.

Just wondered if anyone has any ideas. I am the only person who uses the PC and i have no other PC connected.

kind regards


  Terry Brown 13:36 30 Jun 2009

10 Look for Tweakui (Microsoft Powertoys). They have an option for changing te dektop start up screen.

2)--If it is an XP and you have the system CD, do the following.

Put the CD in the drive.

From RUN type in 'sfc/ scannow'

This without the speech marks and remember to put the space between sfc/ and scannow.

3)-- If you CD is out of date, download AUTOSTREAMER, follow the prompts and it will create a new XP CD with all updates you have on your system to your harddrive. All you have to do then is to use an ISO burner (like Nero) to create your new CD.


  vsmith 13:58 30 Jun 2009

Hi Teryy thanks for replying, I am running vista home premium, will the above still work?


  T0SH 14:06 30 Jun 2009

Try booting up in safe mode from there use the windows system restore to go back a few days to when your system was working normally

Cheers HC

  vsmith 14:17 30 Jun 2009

Hi thanks for replying but its always done it as far back as i can remember. Its just now its become a bigger problem because I now have a black square a quarter of the size of the desktop and the bottom tool bars with the start up buttons on it are now underneath the black square. that lasts for a few seconds then clears and I get the proper desktop.

kind regards


  mooly 17:33 30 Jun 2009

Hi Valerie... this is the other thread then :)
I wondered if this could be a video driver problem you know. Can cause strange issues.
Do you know what the graphics card is ?
Before you do anything create a restore point manually. Even better are image backups (such as Acronis), then you can have a real play :)
This won't break anything, your just looking.
If you look in "control panel" and "device manager" (use classic view in the left pane) and expand the entry for "display adapters" and click properties and "driver" that will tell you what the graphics are and what the driver version is.
If you want to proceed further, you can click update driver and see if Windows suggests anything more recent.
It's just a thought all this. Video driver can do strange things.
Even better would be to install the latest driver from the manufacturer of the graphics card, but one thing at a time.

  DieSse 18:09 30 Jun 2009

It sounds like the initial screen you see is just a picture of the desktop - not the real desktop that loads afterwards.

It's not uncommon to see an old picture loading as a background before the "final" desktop comes on.

I would look at the display settings and cancel all background pictures as a first step - then see if it still does the same thing. Even try changing the default colour scheme as well.

  vsmith 13:37 01 Jul 2009

Hi mooly yes this is the other thread lol.

I did what you suggested and it seemed my graphics card driver was very out of date, I downloaded the latest driver and all went well. I havent been able to test it out yet as i was late for work. so will report back later.

Thanks guys as always you gave good advice.

Valerie :)

  mooly 19:10 01 Jul 2009

Fingers crossed then :) Keep us updated.

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