Two screens on "My Pictures"

  User-178362 01:49 13 Apr 2006

Could you please tell me why do I have two different pages of My Pictures? When I want to send a picture in email, and click on insert the window come up My Pictures, but when I go into My Pictures from desktop that is called C:\Documentes\my name\My documents\My Pictures. Which means the picture I might want isn't available under My Pictures because it is in the other Page that comes under "C" etc. Clear as mud.

  007al 14:11 13 Apr 2006

Do both folders hold identical information?
Or have you named a folder "my Pictures"?

  terryf 17:17 13 Apr 2006

If you do a search for 'pictures' without the inverted commas, then click at the top of the list where it says Type, you will see under there any folders named ? pictures

  User-178362 18:47 13 Apr 2006

No the folders do not hold identical information. I haven't named any folder called my pictures. (My Picture) comes up when I click on insert picture. C:\Documents and Settings\name\Documents\My Pictures is on the desktop. This is my shortcut. I search under All files and folders. I have two one called My Pictures, in Folder My Documents, and the other is In Folder C;\Documents and Settings,etc.

  ade.h 18:52 13 Apr 2006

Quote "I have two one called My Pictures, in Folder My Documents, and the other is In Folder C;\Documents and Settings,etc."

That's the same thing. Just right-click on the desktop shortcut for My Docs and you will see its target. It will be C:\Docs and Settings\username\My Docs. Do the same for the shortcut to My Pics; it should be C:\Docs and Settings\username\My Docs\My Pics. If it isn't, then you may have two My Pics folders with the same name, which is theoretically possible if they are not in the same parent folder. Though how or why it may have been created is anyone's guess.

  remind 19:07 13 Apr 2006

C:\my documents\my pictures would have been correct for windows 98 or ME, perhaps an older program designed before windows 2000 or xp use has created the folder itself

  bobbybowls 19:11 13 Apr 2006

create a new folder in my docs, open both my pictures folders and transfer contents to new folder, delete old my picture folders then rename new folder as my pictures

if you want to change the default location of inserted files go to tools options file locations, highlight the location you want to change, click modify then select the folder you want to use

  User-178362 19:17 13 Apr 2006

I right click on the short cut then clicked on properties. I didn't think there was a problem but why do I have 30 pic in one folder and 28 in the other? While Im on the subject of my picture folder I have a small vidio clip on this page, where should I move it to? Thank you I feel this subject is comeing to The End.

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