Wulfrune 10:04 15 Dec 2005

I want to use the same computer with 2 drives... 1 to access the net and be forewall protected and the other to be bare apart from the windows standard firewall, this is because I play World of Warcraft on this drive and if I firewall it; it's lags like hell.

So what I've been doing upto now is literally pulling one plug out of the motherboard and selecting the drive that I needed, i.e. one the games, one for surfing.... this is becoming apain in the butt.
I want to have BOTH drives in at the same time, but what I need to know is can I do this:

Have both drives in at the same time but only make it boot on the drive that I choose, leaving the other one powered down?
Or may I can have the drive on but not running and inaccessible maybe?

Please Educate me :)

  PaulB2005 10:12 15 Dec 2005

click here

Install WinXP to disk one. Set up for general use and add your firewall. Then install XP to Disk two and configure with WoW and no firewall.


Can you not just disable the firewall when you play WoW? Or make another user account and disable the firewall for that account?

  Wulfrune 12:26 15 Dec 2005

I could, however I wouldn't want to expose my system to potential hackers, so that's why I haven't done that.

I have done the above mentioned installation on the 2 disks, but do I get the choice about which disk I boot up from on start up?

  PaulB2005 13:09 15 Dec 2005

You shoudl do. Are you saying you don't?

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