Two sata drives further questions

  aine 17:15 08 Dec 2008

The drives I am fitting, the original 250Gb containing the OS, the new drive 320GB blank.I would like to clone this drive to the original, then mirror it, and then make this the new C drive. Any help would be received with thanks, this is a new venture for me Regards Aine

  iqs 17:35 08 Dec 2008

I have the above software for making a mirror image of the C: drive.
I have not had call to use it for the reason you state,but from my pre purchase investigation,it should do what you require.

Check if theres a time limited demo for you to verify if it fits your requirements,or download the PDF manual .

  aine 17:49 08 Dec 2008

IQS, thanks for quick reply. I have Acronis installed but find the information a little confusing. I am able to clone using Acronis or do i use "ADD A NEW DISK". Regards the mirrowing I believe that this comes from sata "Raid array". Will this be available when the second disk is fitted?

  iqs 18:58 08 Dec 2008

You should go to manage hard disks,then disk clone wizard.
If you follow the instructions,in theory you should clone the C: drive.

If you go to chapter 13(on my pdf) Transferring the system to a new disk,it is clearly laid out step by step.

If you don't have a copy of the pdf,I can e-mail you a copy.

Sorry I cant be mush help,like I said I have only used it to back up my C:

  aine 14:50 09 Dec 2008

IQS Thanks for reply, I have downloaded the Acronis PDF. You talk of your PDF in the thread? is this the same as Acronis? I will work through this and see how i get on. Aine

  iqs 16:12 09 Dec 2008

Yes,the copy I downloaded from their web site.How it helps.

  aine 16:52 09 Dec 2008

Perhaps someone else could enlighten me on Sata array mirroring.When the new disk is fitted will the array then present itself?. I realise without 2 disks fitted mirroring cannot be displayed. I hope this makes sense. aine

  bobbybowls 17:54 09 Dec 2008

If you use drives of 2 different sizes to in a mirrored array, the array will only see the size of the smaller drive. so you will only see 250 Gb of your 329 Gb drive.

  aine 19:49 09 Dec 2008

Thanks Bobbybowls for your reply, this I understand now, how can I make the 320GB drive the "C" drive and use the other for backup? It would be a shame to not use the biggist drive for general work

  iqs 17:11 15 Dec 2008

Hi,Did you ever clone your HDD?.Why I ask,today I successfully cloned by C: drive,if you didn't I could PM you the steps I used today using Acronis.

  aine 19:37 23 Dec 2008

IQS, sorry i missed your reply, I have cloned the disc successfully. Thanks Aine

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