two routers?? how to access both of them

  adamfarley 21:48 15 Jan 2008

at the moment i connect my laptop to the internet using the wrieless network at my flat (this is run by the landlord, and so i can't change the settings on this router). i have a printer that i want to be able to print wirless, i have my own router that i could set up so that the printer is connected. now when i'm missin around it seems that i have to disconnect from the router that has the internet and then reconnect to the router that has the printer. i haven't yet set the printer up onto the router but when i turn the router on i can see the router on my "connect to a network". The router wont have internet access.

i'm using vista and the router that i have is a bt home hub.

is there a way round this so that i can access both internet and printer at the same time??


  brundle 06:38 16 Jan 2008

Use this to switch configurations. click here Probably only `default gateway` that needs changing.

  adamfarley 19:01 16 Jan 2008

thanks for that.
this sorta works. but isn't that good! i wish u were able to connect to 2 wirless routers at the same time.

  brundle 19:09 16 Jan 2008

Get another wireless adapter for your laptop and change your router's IP range so it doesn't overlap the `internet` router.

  adamfarley 19:17 16 Jan 2008

ok, i have a spare wirless adapter..

so u change the channel or the router which it uses??

isn't there an easyer way of doing all of these. i mean all i want to do is connect to my printer wirless and have the interent at the same time from two different routers. which 1 i can't change the settings to??


  conan_troutman 18:50 17 Jan 2008

why do you need two routers to connect to the internet.?

if you want the internet and a wireless printer then you only need one will connect all your devices

however you will need a wireless print server if your printer does not have one. (a wireless adapter would work for stand alone printers but that would need your printer to have a LAN cable connection to the adapter some have USB ports but not many, a print server will have a USB connection and works for multi printer (printer scanner and fax in one ))

your PC will connect to the router which in turn is connected to the internet and to the printer ? print server

all other PC/Laptops connecting to the router will also be able to use the internet snd the printer

  conan_troutman 18:55 17 Jan 2008

ps you could also connect the print server to the laptop on a ad-hoc connection with a wireless usb adapter maning you have the internet connection via the router and a straight forward pc to printer connection via a USB adapter in the laptop
or for go the wifi route and use a bluetooth connection with a bluetooth adapter and print server.

others will only be able to share your printer though if A you set it up to be shared and B your laptop is switched on.

with the first suggestion you would need your lanlords help in setting up the printer for all of you to share or the last suggestion you can do on your own with out the need to access the router.

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