Two questions....Q312339..and C-dilla..???

  geoff47 23:09 29 Apr 2003

I have read some where that windows98 up date Q312339 can cause all innocence I normally visit for updates and take all that is on offer.....I have it installed...should I be concerned?
Secondly I have noticed a new entry in my windows explorer list.....I dont profess to understand most of it...but would like to know what the new entry is...
It is a folder named C-dilla...when clicked it shows a setup folder.
Does any one know about these things?
Thanks for any explainations...

  VoG™ 23:14 29 Apr 2003

C-dilla is spyware click here

You should be able to remove it with Ad-aware click here and/or spybot click here

  geoff47 23:25 29 Apr 2003

First thing I did when I found it was to run Adaware....nothing showed up so I came on here to ask...but in the mean time put it through Google and came back to see what was posted here....(are you following this?)
It is spyware but where did I get hold of it?
Think the only thing I have installed lately has been Diskeeperlite...could that be the culprit?

  siouxah1 23:35 29 Apr 2003

Run spybot, this will find it for you. However read this first before removing. It might stop one of your programmes working.

BE WARNED: The application that has installed CDilla may stop working if you remove it!
Do not remove if you haven't updated to 1.1 rel 3 or later!

Basically, protection against pirated copies of copyrighted media is a good thing. The bad thing about this one is that it is often installed without the knowledge of the user. Old advertisement from Macrovision said that CDilla (or SafeCast to call it by their name) would protect against unauthorized internet downloads. While this would mean that it would watch all internet transfer, such functionality could not be found. Notice: while we currently detect CDilla, We DO condemn audio/video/software piracy.

BE WARNED: The application that has installed CDilla may stop working if you remove it!
Do not remove if you haven't updated to 1.1 rel 4 or later!

You may need to keep CDilla on your system because another application needs it as a license management system. There were some reports that CDilla would phone home, but that hasn't be proven. As a general safety measure, we recommend you use a firewall.

Info supplied by spybot.

Brian j

  geoff47 23:46 29 Apr 2003

Thanks for that ...but have been there and read it myself(why didnt I do that first?)
But have got Spybot and deleted it....dont like the invasive nature of these items...will find out at some stage what doesnt work...think it maybe InstantCD/DVD from PCA disk...that would make sense to me.Will have to return to Nero if thats the case.
But what about Q312339 windows update?

  siouxah1 23:59 29 Apr 2003

Hi geoff47,

as for Q312339 -- I'm not familiar with that. In fact I must admit to not patching anything, apart from AV and firewall, unless a programme is causing me problems. Including Windows.

Regards Brian j

  geoff47 22:48 30 Apr 2003

I have found since deleteing the offending folder I can no longer connect to the home page of Instant CD/DVD or other links within the program.
I haven't used the program since deleteing it so dont know if everything is ok yet.
But I am now wiser...if nothing else.

  woodchip 23:06 30 Apr 2003

CDilla Security software can be used in many different forms, check google

  Granger 23:35 30 Apr 2003

I just worked it out - it was installed when I viewed a CDROM training package recently, and it has something to do with license management. I browsed the CD and saw the files there. You can uninstall it safely if you can live without whatever media it came with.

It was causing a serious slowdown on my system, and I checked the running services. In fact I haven't bothered uninstalling the software, I solved the immediate problem by setting the relevant service to manual rather than automatic.

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