Two questions needing responses please.

  geordielad307 08:47 30 Aug 2004

1 ) My Medion lapton works just fine, that is after I am on-line. However it takes about 2 / 3 minutes, and sometimes more than two or three attempts before I can get AOL to load. Is this because of the low memory?. ( 256 )

This is a German laptop, with obviously, everything in German.

Is there an inexpensive or easy way to "convert" my laptop to English.? Sorry if it sounds a stupid question, but I am, a)Stupid & b) Fed-up
with being unable to access the usual English lay-out that I am accustomed to.

Please bear with me guys, don't want to alienate anyone, .... just asking in desperation. Thanks.

  rickf 08:57 30 Aug 2004

First prob may not have anything to do with your laptop but with the AOL software. Secondly, see if you can change the language of the OS.If I remember correctly during installation there is an option to choose language of preference.
I once bought Roxio ECDC 6 from Germany and was able to set it up in English. Good luck.

  geordielad307 09:16 30 Aug 2004

Thanks Rick .... 10 minutes and a response. What a site eh?

I will try your suggestion and reinstall the software for AOL.

Have had a friend try to obtain Language preferences, but without success, but he is only just a little better than me with computers, which boils down to :- Useless +

Will give it another try anyway. Many thanks for your quick response.

  jack 09:26 30 Aug 2004

Well as for the German.
Various Programs as mentioned allow for various languages and the operating system too.
But that is all set at installation.
Word processor can be set to a particular language at will in the operating mode
The rest - Total reinstallation I'm afraid -if you have the disks ---or Sign up for German at night school

  cga 09:36 30 Aug 2004

I guess that, as this is a German laptop, it has a German layout keyboard (QWERTZ).

You can certainly change the keyboard in the OS - providing you accept the key marking will not match what you type (sticky pads on the keys coming up here).

There are two ways to get at the same menu to change this :-

1. Right Click on the task bar - cursor over the toolbars - make sure language bar is ticked - Right click on the language button (blue box with white EN or GE) - Settings.

2. Control panel - Regional & Language Settings - Languages - Details

The first method is quicker if you already have the language toolbar set and allows you to switch easily.

Once you have done either of these you get to a panel that allows you to set up combinations of language and Keyboard.

Once you have set up an ENglish/Engish KB option you can set this as default (you will need to reboot for default changes to become effective)

  geordielad307 09:57 30 Aug 2004

cga ... got the keyboard working in English OK.

Jack, thanks. I thought that would probably be the case.

I will try Medion in the hope that they can be of some help, but I doubt it, as, like many other retailers, they do not manufacture the machine. Ugh!!!!!!!

Thanks everyone.

  jack 14:14 31 Aug 2004

As already explained, and you must be aware
the keyboards are different
qertz for German qerty for english
sticky pads is one answer, when you have figured out the differences, lack of £, accents and other genrmanic funnies, the cheap and easy way,providing you are not lugging the thing around with you is a cheap USB/PS2 keyboard
a fiver or less at computer fairs

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