Two queries: upgrading memory and upgrading OS

  The Teacher 21:59 16 Apr 2003

Evening all,

First of all I wish to add to my RAM. I currently have 64MB and wish to increase this to at least 256MB. I have made enquiries at various shops, PC World etc., and have been told that I MAY need PC100 or, I think I am correct, PC300. I have checked my manual and the only reference I can find to memory modules is the following: 168 pin, 3.3V Dimm Sockets with gold plated contacts unbuffered SDRam. I am now stumped as there is no mention of PC100 etc., I do not want to buy memory that is no good, neither do I want to screw up my machine. Any help on identifying the modules I want would be appreciated.

Secondly my father has obtained from the local council a PC with Win 95 on it. They also through in a printer that is no use to him as this requires Win 98 as a minimum. The PC he came with has no boot disks, no start up disk on CDRom or anything. He has been given a CDRom, legitimate, of Win 98SE so that he can upgrade. When we try to do so we get the message that there is already an OS on the PC and that the upgrade disk is required. Is there any way at all of wiping Win 95 from the PC, I have tried FDisk which doesn't work, so that Win 98SE can be installed, or does he need for definate the Win 98 upgrade disk?

Any help on the above problems, which are rather urgent would be appreciated.

Many thanks.

  VoG™ 22:03 16 Apr 2003

Q1 - go to click here and enter your motherboard details and it will tell you what RAM is suitable. If you don't know which MB click here

  MAJ 22:04 16 Apr 2003

1. Can you post the make and model of your PC, or the motherboard make and model. I suspect you'll need standard PC100 SDRAM.

2. Yes you can wipe Win 95 from the drive and install 98. You'll need a Win98 bootdisk.

  MAJ 22:09 16 Apr 2003

You can get a Win98se bootdisk if you click here download the Windows 98 SE OEM one and save it to a floppy disk.

  The Teacher 22:37 16 Apr 2003

Solved the first one, thanks very much, it is PC100 that I need.

As to the second one, when I have downloaded and saved to floppy, the Win98SE boot disk, what do I have to do then to ensure that Win98SE gets installed on my dad's machine and Win 95 gets removed.

Ta again

The Teacher

  MAJ 23:06 16 Apr 2003

Insert the bootdisk and start your computer, choose "Start without CD-ROM support" when asked. You will then see the A:\> prompt, type fdisk and hit the Return key, it will look like this:


You will be asked if you wish to enable large disk support (if the drive is bigger than 512MB), choose Yes. After you press Return, the fdisk options menu will be displayed. Press 1 to choose Create DOS partition or Logical DOS Drive, and then press Return. Then press 1 to choose Create Primary DOS Partition, and then press Return. You will then be asked if you wish to use the maximum available size for the primary DOS partition, choose Yes. Then press the Esc key twice to quit fdisk and return to the A:\> command prompt.

At the command prompt, type format c: it will look like this:

A:\>format c:

You will be given a warning about wiping all data, choose Yes, and press Return. The drive will now be wiped clean. After the format is complete you will be asked for a Volume Label, just press Return at this stage. Now restart your computer. This time choose "Start computer with CD-ROM support". Press Enter. You will see one of these two lines:

Drive X: = Driver MSCD001

Drive X: = Driver OEMCD001

Where X is the letter assigned to your CD-ROM drive. Put the Win 98 CD into the CD-ROM drive and at the command prompt type X:\setup, where X is your CD-ROM drive letter. If the letter is E, it will look like this:


And that's it, follow the onscreen instructions as Windows 98 installs.

  The Teacher 21:42 17 Apr 2003

Thanks for the advice. The only problem with it is that the question re CDRom support is not asked. I get the message "invalid system disk". I downloaded the bootdisk from the link above and I suspect that all command files etc., are not in the download. Can I wipe the disk clean by using Fdisk and the commands above from Win 95 and then insert the CDRom to load Win98?

I am also going to try to look on the internet for an upgrade download to save to CDRom and try that.

Thanks for help again,

The Teacher

PS CDoran, thanks for e-mail but it didn't work either, ta anyway.

  Rtus 21:57 17 Apr 2003

If you have W98 on your machine create the boot disk on yours..Place w98 cd into drive then go Start > settings >control panel>Add remove Programs >startup disk Tab. Follow on-screen directions.. During Fdisk to remove w95 ,,you must delete partition first > then create partition after youve done that its important to press escape to close Fdisk .Then Control -Alt - Del to restart the machine failing to do so erases the fdisk procedure and youll have to start over..

  The Teacher 22:07 17 Apr 2003

I don't know of anyone with Win98. I have ME as do most others I know and the rest have XP.

Thanks anyway

The Teacher

  MAJ 22:23 17 Apr 2003

If you want to email me, I will email you back with a bootdisk which I know works, The Teacher.

  midase 22:31 17 Apr 2003

You should have changed the boot sequence in the BIOS so that the floppy drive is first otherwise you won' get to the A prompt to allow FDisk.

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