Two PSU's to control My MOBO? - would it be OK?

  tony777 03:53 30 May 2003

I was discussingthe fact that i want a Radeon 9800/9700 etc for my PC, and also that the card required 300 watts minimum (ATI). I have 200 watts a "Bestec" 1956-f one, Amps: 23/+5v, 10/+3.3v 12/+12v.

Anyway, I was told it would work on this by someone with Btec 1 & 2, but also by other people that it won't - not all the time anyway. Well, in order to solve this, i wish to put 300 watts minimum in my system, but can't fir an ATX case, becasue of my "Hewlett-Packard Micro design. I don't want to disregard this case, so someone suggested the following
/////Just an idea. If you can't get a higher power PSU to fit your case - why not dual PSU it? Simply buy a 300W psu, leave it external to the case and wire the Motherboard lead into the ATX connector, leaving the existing PSU powering your drives? The Motherboard would only draw what it needs, so won't demand the full 300W from the other PSU. Imagine a 60W light bulb in your house - it's wired straight to the mains via a 5A fuse...


Therefore your bulb would have 1200W at it's disposal

I can't envisage any probs dual PSUing, really//////// End Quote

Would I be OK following this method?, and be safe as well?


  jediknight007 04:34 30 May 2003

You know, it would be so much easier if you just got a new case with a 350W PSU or higher. I wouldn't bother dual-PSUing. What if one of the PSU fails? I got mine for £28 and it also comes with a side fan. Here's a good quality case from Ebuyer click here mATX motherboards should also work in it as well.

  Gongoozler 07:08 30 May 2003

tony777, I wouldn't advise using 2 power supplies in this way. The person who advised you is quite right in saying that the motherboard will only take the power it requires, my concern is that the interface between the motherboard and the drives could give problems. If the volts from the 2 supplies are closely matched, and you connect the 0 volt wires together you would probably get away with it, but if, for example, the motherboard 5V is at the top end of the limits, and the drive supply is at the lower limit you could have problems. If you want to use an external supply, it would be much safer to use it for all the power requirements of your computer.

  DieSse 09:34 30 May 2003

Power supplies need to be connected to the motherboard in order to be switched on - otherwaise you would also have to buy a "kludge" to ensure that both supplies switch on. the whole idea hoorifies me - why do do what is suggested and simply get a proper case with a substantial single PSU in it. A much btter, safer, solution.

  tony777 16:40 30 May 2003

Yes, I think a new case is the way to go on this. I just hope that my mATX will fit in an ATX case properly (It's an hewlett-packard Pavilion 434), and that I may have no other issues other than forking out £30 qwid or so for a Case/W PSU. I'm assuming a highend Graphics card WILL work then. Thanks Jedi, Nice case that with 350 watter:)

Cheers all.


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