Two product keys

  iqs 11:36 17 Feb 2013

Hi, I just found my old retail disc of windows Xp media edition 2005 I had two pcs running Xp ,each with different keys . i still have copies of the keys. I can't recall which key was used on the pc I sold years ago. The original key was stuck to the case . I would like to install xp on a old pc for a family friend ,but wouldn't want to use the key supplied with the sold pc. How can I find out which key is activated Thanks

  lotvic 14:22 17 Feb 2013

"The original key was stuck to the case" that sounds like OEM to me. Are you sure they are Retail? AFAIK Microsoft opted not to supply Media Centre as an independent retail version. You can check what you have and if CD is OEM by looking at the (product identification) Pid = number in the i386\SETUPP.INI configuration file (open .INI files with notepad) after the number it will probably say OEM.

Post back when you have found out as all may not be lost and I'll say which files to look at in notepad from the CD to check.

To explore the contents of CD (press and keep shift key held down while you insert CD in tray and until CD drive activity stops - this prevents the CD from autorunning) then look at contents in Windows explorer.

  iqs 15:34 17 Feb 2013

Hi,Thanks for the help. Will check following you advice ,but they are retail versions .both pc's were custom built by Evesham computers . I paid for the retail versions for use on future machines .they stuck the labels on the case before shipping .thanks

  iqs 15:45 17 Feb 2013

Just checked ,it says oem ?. I have installed media edition on 3 different computers ,without any issues . Because I have installed it before, I would still like to find out which key is available,to try installing again . Thank

  Batch 16:31 17 Feb 2013

If it will help at all, this will tell you what product keys are in use on existing PCs that you have access to:

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