Two problems with DVD viewing, and screen quality

  Prisine229 01:24 28 Dec 2008

First problem

I brought prison break season 1 on DVD, I got it from the UK, as my stuff an I are in the UK.
I brought it home and tried both that DVD and another DVD on my TV, found out it was not working. But the DVDs worked on both other TV/DVD and my PC... Except the prison break didn't play on my PC. The film The departed did, theya re both DVD video/PAL 2, and yet prison break didn't play, it couldn't find any Disc in the E drive. I changed the regional settings to English(US), after this I could play the DVD, I've just taken it out again, and put in the other disc from the boxset and now it won't play.

Second problem.

I have a 19" LCD flatscreen monitor, from Hans-G. I've noticed that when playing DVDs on it, they are crappy quality, I've watched the prison break on a 2 year old Phillips 14" colour TV with built in DVD player(It's a the old small grey TV) and on that the quality and colour is much better, vibrant, and the peoples; hair is darker like how the modern shows are done. Why is the quality on my screen so bad, I have updated all drivers, use PowerDVD 8, used the catalyst to try change screen, but doesn't get the quality i get on the TV.

I heard something about DVI, I checked this and my graphics card, Radeon x1650 pro AGP supports DVI, and my screen "came" with a DVI cable, but i can't find it.

I also heard about decoders, but I'm sure that isn't it.

Please help guys/girls



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