Two Problems

  The Teacher 00:24 05 Mar 2011

Trying to use my printer via laptop the other day, I kept getting a message saying "operation could not be completed: Print Spooler not running". Looking on here I found a similar post that mentioned "services" I looked in services via msconfig and found that it had stopped. I have no idea what I did, except disable all and then enable all and restart, and now my printer shows in the "printers and faxes" place. However I have noticed that there are a lot of things in services that are stopped. A lot of them seem to be Microsoft things, but I have no idea why they are stopped and whether or not they should be stopped. Before I did disable/enable bit, I noticed that they were stopped then. Is it a problem and how do I know whether or not these things should be showing as running?

Secondly, on my laptop, Acer Aspire 7112 running XP Pro, I seem to have a problem with internet pages, both in IE and Chrome. The problem is that the pages do not show as full screen. Typing this in Chrome I am effectively using only half a screen, the web page is central with a large border left and right. It is the same in IE but the border is smaller. It is only with the web that I have this problem, i.e. if I open, for example, My Computer, it appears full screen. How do I get the web to show full screen as well. I don't have this problem with my desktop running the same browsers and OS.

Apologies for long post.

The Teacher

  lotvic 00:35 05 Mar 2011

re: internet pages
are the borders part of the webpage or are they your desktop?

If part of webpage then this site (pca) does show with black borders each side, but if you hold down Ctrl key and scroll the mouse wheel you can alter the zoom level so the borders will narrow and text will be bigger. You can also hold down Ctrl key and press + or - to alter the zoom.
Also available from dropdown menu on View in top toolbar.

  Nontek 08:00 05 Mar 2011

Normal web pages are a bit like A4 size sheets of paper, so if you open to full-screen all you get is bigger side-borders.

Another way to change the size of web pages is to Minimize using the icon at top right of page, then hover mouse over edge of page to see the double-headed arrows, then drag edge of page with mouse to desired size.

  chub_tor 09:19 05 Mar 2011

For all that you need to know about services take a look at Black Viper click here scroll down to Popular Content and click on the OS configuration that applies to you. You will then get a table that lists the default situation and what can be started and stopped manually or automatically for how you would like to operate your PC.

  The Teacher 22:03 05 Mar 2011

Thanks guys. WRT web pages it is only on some of them, for example, my homepage is Yahoo, and I have huge borders left and right on there, however my mail is Yahoo mail, and there is no border, so it just the webpage?

WRT services, when I had the problem, it wouldn't let me untick then tick the box to show running, I had to disable and then enable all. Is this normal?

The Teacher

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