Two problems...

  Bob The Nob© 19:59 24 Sep 2006

1) > I am using Windows XP Home Edition(SP2) and would like to access my Documents at home from College (Win2K With Citrix Network stuff). I don't want to have to install anything at college. Can you suggest anything?

2) > I am on a Lynksys wireless Network at home. I can access to internet on my user account which is an admin but my brothers account is a standard user and he can only access the internet sometimes. I am using a WPC54G card. The standard user doesn't find this card somethines.

  STREETWORK 20:17 24 Sep 2006

There exists software than will allow this, but would your college pay for it and what of the security risks...

Certainly Citrix can be set up to do this...

  Bob The Nob© 20:20 24 Sep 2006

My IT technitians wouldn't allow this. I have heard about a website that can be setup to do this

  STREETWORK 20:27 24 Sep 2006

You may encounter the wrath of the Don...

Why not set up some secure webspace and place files you need there...

  Bob The Nob© 20:30 24 Sep 2006

That is a good idea, the website I've heard about installs some sware onto your PC,and then when ever you access the site it is accessing your PC and so the newest version is used. I would forget to update the versions on the server.

  STREETWORK 20:40 24 Sep 2006

Yeap, just takes a little discipline to do it...

  Bob The Nob© 20:46 24 Sep 2006

does anyone have any ideas about 2? ^^

  ade.h 21:02 24 Sep 2006

XP has only admin and limited accounts; which type is in use here?

  Bob The Nob© 21:15 24 Sep 2006


  ade.h 21:27 24 Sep 2006

Swap it to admin and see if that helps. I never use limited accounts.

  Bob The Nob© 21:31 24 Sep 2006

I don't really want to because then he has unlimited access and I don't trust him with one

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