Two Printers one PC

  canal92 00:17 05 Apr 2003

My friend has a problem in that he wants to connect two printers via USB
one HP for photos and one Epson for general use
he has XP o/s

Any idea why they won't cooperate individually no problem if both fitted only the Epson works

Hope you can help

Bob Nixon

  dcarr 02:08 05 Apr 2003

Not sure about xp, but in 98, if you have 2 printers installed you must actively choose which one you are about to use before you start to printt. You would go to settings/printers and right click the chosen one and make it default. Sometimes in some programs, you get a drop down menu, from which to choose, but not always.
Just one question canal6, you posted:
"Any idea why they won't cooperate individually no problem if both fitted only the Epson works"

and I'm not quite sure what you mean. Hope this can help.

  -pops- 07:37 05 Apr 2003

I have an Epson inkjet (USB), a Samsung laser (USB), a Xerox A3 (parallel), a pdf writer (virtual printer) and Olitec Fax (virtual printer). One (the Samsung) is set as default i.e. will print on that unless otherwise stated and it all works OK. When I want to print from another printer, I instruct from the keyboard (Ctrl + P), the dialogue box comes up, I select the printer from the drop-down menu, press Enter and away it goes. If you are using Word and possibly other programs where you print from clicking on screen, the printer used is automatically the default printer OR the printer that you used last time.


  canal92 10:38 05 Apr 2003

to qualify

If I fit Epson or HP on the own as default printer then the both work

If I fit both to USB inputs set either at default only the Epson appears to work

ie if you request HP to print nothing happens if I request epson prints OK

  -pops- 10:46 05 Apr 2003

Are these connected to the same USB outlet through an external hub? If so, try doing away with the hub and connecting both printers to prime USB sockets.

Don't worry about losing USB ports that you might want to use for other things, you can most likely buy an extra USB PCI card very cheaply which will be much more reliable than a hub.

  canal92 11:41 05 Apr 2003

No not fitted to a hub

fitted to two separate internal USB ports

  Lone Crow 00:50 06 Apr 2003

Go to Start, Settings, Control Panel, System. Look under the Device Manager tab. It shows a list of all the drives, ports, etc., in your PC. Towards the bottom should be listings for the USB ports. If there is a problem with one or more ports you should see a yellow exclamation mark displayed. If you find one it means there is a problem preventing proper operation. If not, I have no idea what the glitch is caused by but would suggest uninstalling and reinstalling both printer software drivers to see if that cures it. Good luck. LC.

  Lone Crow 00:53 06 Apr 2003

Have just realised you're on WinXP which I'm not familiar with! My instructions are for all versions up to WinMe, but the procedure may be diff with XP. Cheers. LC.

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