Two printers on one computer

  Migwell 01:01 23 Aug 2005

Is there a simple way to swap between two printers on my computer. Both are conected by USB cables all the time. I am getting fed up with having to go into Control pannel / Printers to change the default printer each time I need them to swap over

Printer 1 is a HP Deskjet 970CXI ink jet
Printer 2 is a Brother HL1250 Laser

I am sure that at work I have seen the printer icon in Word and Excell have a drop down menu to access diferent printers. Can this be done on my machine. Running XP Pro SP2 and MS Office 2003.

  Completealias 01:03 23 Aug 2005

It should already be there as you say when you goto print in whatever application you can then choose which printer from the drop down menu.

If it isn't already there prehaps try uninstalling both printers and then reinstalling them

  Completealias 01:04 23 Aug 2005

I forgot to add I have two printers working with office 200O on xp home sp2

  Simsy 01:05 23 Aug 2005

if you choose File>Print from the menu, instead of using the print button on the toolbar, you get a dialogue box where you can choose, amonst other things, which printer from a dropdown.

Does this help?



  Simsy 01:16 23 Aug 2005

If what I suggest above is what you want, you can put a button for it on the toolbar...

(This is for "Word")...

Open "Word"

Right Click on a Toolbar

Select "Customise" from the bottom#

In the dialogue box that opens select the "Commands" tab

In the left hand section choose "File"

In the right hand section scroll down until you can see the printer icon with the "Print..." command. (NOTE THERE ARE 2 PRINT COMMANDS.. MAKE SURE IT'S THE ONE WITH THE 3 FULL STOPS AFTER)

Drag this icon onto whichever toolbar you wish.

Using this icon to print will automatically bring up the dialogue box mentioned in my previous post. If you don't want to go to the bother of putting this button on a toolbar, you can achieve the same thing as "File>Print" by pressing Ctl+P

I hope this helps.



  Migwell 23:58 23 Aug 2005

At about the same time as you posted 01:16 last night I discovered the same thing. So thanks again.

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