Two O/S question.

  Vitruvian Man 22:59 25 Mar 2005

Hi, I have two hard drives both 80gb. One hard drive I have stored all my data on it and it is slave, dynamic disk, one big partition as ntfs. My other hard drive also 80gb has my windows xp pro installed on it and is master. I am just about to install Linux mandrake on it by resizing this partition, I would like to know, because I have previously tried it before and it worked well but later my boot up directory or something corrupted and resulted in a reinstall. If my bootup file does corrupt again, will the data on my other hard drive be accessible once I reinstall windows? Will it all be the same is what I would like to know. Thanks...:p

  Strawballs 23:08 25 Mar 2005

You should be able to I was running 2 drives one with 98SE the other much bigger with all my data and some of my programs I then formatted and installed XP on the 1st drive and was still able to access all of my data on the second.

  Vitruvian Man 23:09 25 Mar 2005

ok then thanks for this. Will install once my hdd is defragged.

  alan227 23:14 25 Mar 2005

I duel boot with XP Home and SuSe 9.2 Pro, I have found that if you mess up the easiest way to get windows back is not to do a reinstall but just repair the Master boot record from the XP CD this will allow you to get back into windows and if necessary you can reinstall Linux.

  Vitruvian Man 00:16 26 Mar 2005

Hello again. Im having trouble installing my linux mandrake 10 community edition. I put in the first cd and it boots up and says if I want to install and I press enter. but after all the hardware is recognised and after it says loading program, it just shows a black screen, mandrake title on top and a flashing cursor. I had this problem before but cant remember how I fixed it. Could anyone help?

  Trackrat 08:59 26 Mar 2005

At install page hit F1 and at the flashing cursor at the bottom of the screen type linux noapic nolapic
then hit enter, you may or may not have to specify your amount of memory which is given in an example on the same page.

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