Two O/S

  denali 12:24 15 Apr 2005

A lady at our over 60's club has been left a PC by her daughter, who has remarried. It is a pretty good machine P4 2.8 512 ram with XP Pro. Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, it also has 98se on the same partion. Both o/s are Fat 32.
Is there any way we can remove 98se without reformatting mainly because the lady does not have the xp cd and has a lot of very important stuff on her disk. Help would be greatly appreciated.

  Diemmess 12:38 15 Apr 2005

If it works the way it is - be happy!

All sorts of things are possible but unless there is difficulty in using the thing the possibilites for real grief are many.

In short is the machine doing silly things?

  SANTOS7 12:44 15 Apr 2005

I am at a miss as how you can get two O/S on the same partition i am sure this is not the case and the other O/S is on an extension of the partition that the other is on.

  denali 12:44 15 Apr 2005

Diemmess. Thank you for your reply. The PC is not doing anything out of the ordinary but the lady is into serious photography and the hard disk is only 40gigs. She does not want to go down the CD/R/RW road and wants to keep here work on the PC. 98se appears to take up a lot of valuable space.

  Yoda Knight 12:45 15 Apr 2005

As Diemmess said, there is a chance of things going pear shaped if you do play with it. Make sure you have backed up ALL the important stuff to cd and post back if you really want to do this.

  Yoda Knight 12:46 15 Apr 2005

Why not rather purchase and install a second drive ?

  denali 12:46 15 Apr 2005

SANTOS7. I am sure you are correct. Because there is only one partition listed I assumed both o/s are on the same one.

  denali 12:50 15 Apr 2005

Yoda Knight. I have been through everything with e the lady in question. She is adamant she wants rid of 98se. I am not that well informed, everything I know I have picked up from this forum

  SANTOS7 12:53 15 Apr 2005

As far as i am aware you cannot have two O/S on the same sector of a partitioned HDD,how you would get rid of the one you do not, i am not sure, i am with yoda knight backing up all files you wish to keep adding another HDD transfer files to it then format
master HDD and load the O/S you wish to keep that way.But knowing the knowledge that lurks behind the walls of PCA i am sure there is a simpler solution.

  Technotiger 13:01 15 Apr 2005

When you click on My Computer how many drive letters are shown, apart from A: and C: and D: normally D: would be the CD Rom. C is the main drive which holds the OS, but you might have (should have) the second OS shown as drive D: and CD Rom as drive E: Drive A: is always the floppy drive.

Hope this makes sense to you. If we can establish just what drives are shown, then guys here will have better idea of what to suggest.


  Yoda Knight 13:04 15 Apr 2005

How do you know there are 2 OS installed ?

Are there 2 directories that seem to contain Windows ? Does she get prompted for which OS she wants to boot to when she turns on her pc ?

If there are the 2 directories, and she is not getting the prompt, then you can just delete the unused directory. I suspect (u mentioned 98se...) it may just hold the install files for windows 98. Or it may be remnants of the previous OS (unlikely but possible)

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