Two Networks Sharing Internet?

  sam2004 00:03 03 Jul 2008


I'm running a medium size network at the moment, with 20 pcs which is running fine. It connectes to the internet via a modem router (also with wireless AP). There is a wired backbone which connects the router to a switch (which has PCs connected to it) and then to another switch a distance away (which has servers connected to it).

However, I now need to add a laptop to the network which only has access to the internet, and no access to any of the PCs or Servers.

I'm a little unsure of how to create two virtual networks, with no access to each other, the only shared element being the internet connection. I was thinking that perhaps i could map the routers internet connection to two seperate ethernet ports (each port connecting to each network) or would a managed switch be better to seperate the internet conenction? perhaps there is another way? please could someone advise?

Thanks in Advance

  recap 11:20 03 Jul 2008

You may be able to do what you require via Group Policies if you server is running Active Directory in a Domain. click here for further information.

  sam2004 18:31 03 Jul 2008


I'm afraid that i'm not running Active Directory.

I've seen this online:

click here

is this type of setup possible with an ADSL internet connection?


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