Two Networks

  Peanut Head 11:43 15 Mar 2006

I work for a small charity that has a network of 7 computers in the office with a broadband connection through a Netgear DG834 router

We have now been given 10 pc’s that are about 3 years old and we wish to set them up for students to use. They will need internet access and we would like them to connect through the Netgear router.

Our problem is that we do not want them to have access to our network. I’m sure I read somewhere that I could use a second router (Netgear RP614) this would allow me to setup the office network behind the RP614, this would be connected to the DG834 allowing office PC’s to still have internet access.

This will allow the student machines to be connected directly to the DG834 via a switch.

Can anybody confirm this will be okay, or perhaps have a better solution thanks.

  Danoh 11:59 15 Mar 2006

Unless one of those 2 ADSL routers can have the ADSL portion disabled so it will act as a pure Access Point, you will have a problem trying to connect them to just one broadband connection.

You can connect an Access Point device to an ADSL router.
So for example;
ADSL router connects to your existing 7 computers, and a Device acting as an Access Point.
The 10 PCs can then connect to the Access Point.
I hope they already come with ethernet connections to save your charity the costs of buying ethernet cards, and you the hassle of fitting and troubleshooting any installation issues!

Not too sure, but I think the 10 PCs can be setup as a separate workgroup to your existing 7 PCs which will prevent access?

  Peanut Head 12:10 15 Mar 2006

Thanks for the interest. They all have network cards and XP SP2. The idea of putting our office behind a RP614, is to create a separate workgroup that is covered by the routers firewall as well.

  Danoh 12:20 15 Mar 2006

Great thinking ~ has the DG834 bandwidth allocation functionality? ~ to ensure that your office workgroup gets internet access priority over the other 10 PCs.

Isn't the RP614 an ADSL router rather then just an Access Point device? Or can it be set to act just as an Access Point?

  mgmcc 20:05 15 Mar 2006

<<< Isn't the RP614 an ADSL router rather then just an Access Point device? >>>

I think what is required is a "Cable/DSL Router" that can connect directly by ethernet cable to one of the LAN ports in the "ADSL Modem/Router". That way, the second router will get a LAN address allocated by the DG834 as its WAN address and it will in turn allocate further LAN addresses to its own "client" PCs.

It is important that the routers operate in different Subnets - if the DG834 uses the subnet, the second router needs to operate with a subnet whose third octet is a value other than "1", e.g.

The way to prevent the two workgroups from communicating is to keep them in separate subnets.

  Peanut Head 08:25 16 Mar 2006

Thanks for that, the Neatgear RP614 is a "Cable/DSL Router". What you said is exactly what i intend doing. I just was not sure if that is the correct way.

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