Two My documents ????????

  blackpat 19:27 13 Mar 2003

Hi all, Me again : ) I want to burn a copy of "my documents" on my Nero, The problem is, on Nero, "my docs." is different to the one i click on on my desk top. I have been into C-drive and that is different to. The "my docs" in C-drive and the "my docs" in Nero are the same, full of all sorts of strange stuff. The "my docs" on my desk top is the proper one with all the familier info. Any idea's what has happened? and how i can get my familier "My docs" onto Nero. Thanks.
A very confused Blackpat.

  Gongoozler 20:02 13 Mar 2003

Hi blackpat. I don't really know what has happened to cause your problem, but My Documents is just a folder like any other. If you right click on the My Documents folder on your desktop, and select Properties, then look at what is in the Target: windo, you will see the location of the My Documents folder. This is the folder you want to write to the CD. If you want to, you can change the target to another location. I have created a My Document folder on another partition together with all my other saved files so it isn't affected if I have a Windows crash.

A word of caution. This answer refers to my Windows 98se installation. XP could be different.

  AndyJ 20:08 13 Mar 2003

Are you using XP. If so the My Documents folder that the desktop icon refers to will be the currently logged on user i.e. there will be a My Documents folder under Documents and Settings for each user, as well as default user. Additionally you may find that you have a My Documents folder directly under the root directory C:
If you're the only user, you want to copy the My Documents folder that lies in Documents and Settings under your username.

At least, I hope this is what you meant ?? :-))

  blackpat 21:57 13 Mar 2003

Hi gong/Andy. Panic stations!!! gong when i followed your instruction, it said my documents were in c windows, i changed it to c-drive, now all my "my docs have strange stuff in them, how can i get my original My docs back heeeeeeeeeelp.

  Gongoozler 09:06 14 Mar 2003

Hi blackpat. Changing the target in the shortcut will not have changed your My Documents folder contents, only the place the desktop icon points to. Use Windows Explorer to look for your My Documents folders (Tools - Find - Files or Folders - Named - My Documents. Make sure you Look In My Computer, and tick the Include Subfolders box). I think you may have several My Documents folders. When you find them, one of them should be where you are keeping your documents, and that is the one you want to copy to CD. Change the shortcut back to where your documents were kept and Change the location in Nero to match the shortcut. If you have any other My Documents folders, copy any useful documents to your preferred location and then delete the whole surplus folder and its contents.

  blackpat 14:05 14 Mar 2003

Thanks gong, working on it, i will let you know how i get off. Wish me luck :>)

  blackpat 09:26 16 Mar 2003

Hi Gong, Well I did what you said to the best of my ability :>) and I have managed to get the proper "My docs.) on my desktop and it is in Cdrive. I have got rid of the other "my docs" but i still seem to have two problems. Problem 1, If someone sends me a pic, I usually right click on it and send it to "my docs" but "my docs" doesnt show when I right click on the picture. Problem 2. although when i search for "my docs" it says it is in Cdrive but when I go to Nero and open Cdrive, its not there. I am rapidly losing the will to live :>) Sorry to be such a pain. Many thanks for your time.
PS. I cant remember where i had "My docs" originally.

  wee eddie 15:35 16 Mar 2003

blackpat; what are you actually trying to do.

I gather that you are trying to create a copy of the contents of your "My Docs" folder onto a CD, using Nero.

If you do this, you then have 2 versions of My Docs. One on your HD and one on the CD, a garentee for confusion. Especially if you now relocate the copied version back to the HD or are using the CD version in error.

To avoid such confusion in the future. When you create the burn list next time. In stead of specifyig My Docs. Why not open it and just highlight all its files and copy them

  Gongoozler 16:53 16 Mar 2003

Hi blackpat. I can only answer with reference to the setup on my computer.

When I have a picture as an e-mail attachment or on a web site, if I right click I have the option to "Save Picture As...". If I select this option I get a window similar to part of the Windows Explorer window. The top level of this window is the folder I last used to save a picture. If your desktop icon has a target of C:\My Documents, then - whatever is in the top "Save in:" panel - click on the down arrow alongside it, from the panel that opens up select (C:). The panel below should now have all the folders in C:. One of the folders should be My Documents. Double click on this folder. The window will now display all images of the type you have selected to save as (probably either jpg or bmp. Save your picture. I think you will find that the next time you want to save a picture Windows will remember your preferred destination. To make this task easier, make a note of the target for the desktop icon first.

For your Nero problem, I think you will find almost the same procedure applies. Make a note of the desktop icon target. In the file browser window, click on the + alongside (C:), this will expand the C: drive to show below it all the folders in the C: drive.look down the list and you should find "My Documents". Click on this, and in the right hand pane you should see the contents of the "My Documents" folder. To copy them all, click on the top one, then hold down the Shift key and click on the bottom one. Drag them all to the right hand pane of the left hand window (probably titled ISO1). You are now ready to burn your CD.

If you can't find the My Documents folder here, then I suspect it isn't in the C: root, but under a subdirectory, look carefully at the target name in the icon properties. If you are saving the documents via the desktop that is the key to the correct location.

Don't give up yet, if we keep tackling the problem we will eventually get there. Don't let Bill Gates beat you ;-).

  blackpat 19:27 16 Mar 2003

Hi Gong and Wee Eddie. This is the situation so far. I have the proper "my docs" in Cdrive and it now shows up in Nero to, so thats great. I did what you said about "Save as " and found "my docs so i can get pictures The only thing now is I havnt got a "My docs! icon on my desktop so i went to "Find" and dragged the "my docs" icon onto my menu bar, so i can access "My docs" from there and when i right click on something "Send to" "my docs" doesnt come up as a option. Any ideas? We are winning slowly :>) I am very grateful for your help.

  wee eddie 20:26 16 Mar 2003

You only access it when you want to burn a copy to CD.

I dont know how often you are doing this, but Domestically speaking. Once a week should be sufficient unless you are creating critical files on a daily basis.

It has just struck me that you may be storing your daily workings onto a CD.

The easiest way to do this is to ignore My Docs.

Create a file on your Desktop with the date written backwards e.g. 2003.03.16 as it's name, then just Copy that to your CD at the end of each session

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