Two Monitors - One PC

  [email protected]© 19:45 11 Oct 2006

Is it possible to plug 2 monitors into One PC or does it all depend on the graphics card. I have an old PC at work and use several screens at once. I need to look at information on 2 screens at a time but I don't want to mess about using alt+tab between the 2. Is there a splitter or something or do I need a newish PC with a quality graphics card.

  Stuartli 19:48 11 Oct 2006

Many graphics cards will serve two monitors and Windows automatically recognises the setup (right click on Desktop>Properties>Settings tab).

  SANTOS7 19:50 11 Oct 2006

click here
you will need one of these
click here
good luck..

  DieSse 19:50 11 Oct 2006

Windows has been able to handle multiple monitors for several versions now.

You need to either

Fit a second graphics card


Get a twin output graphics card.

The best way to do it depends on what you have now, and what you want to do with a second monitor.

  [email protected]© 19:56 11 Oct 2006

Ok now I see what hardware is needed how do I allocate a window to a specific monitor. For example I open IE with PC Advisor and want to open another IE screen with say Google on it. How do I allocate each screen to each monitor.

  DieSse 19:59 11 Oct 2006

It depends on the way you do it. If you spread the destop across the monitors (another setting is to replicate the same on both monitors - that's not what you'll be using), it just acts like one big desktop - you drag things across with the mouse. You¡ll quickly spot how the setup you choose handles things.

  [email protected]© 20:10 11 Oct 2006

How about this then. If I make each window a bit smaller so I can see both screens on one monitor how do I stop one window disappearing when I click on the other window? Or is that not possible?

  Ashrich 21:47 11 Oct 2006

If you get an ATI graphics card you can use Hydravision , a program ATI supply , it allows you to specify which monitor you wish to have a particular window open in , I am using it at the moment with Eudora open on monitor 2 and Firefox one monitor 1 , it also remembers which progs you have on each monitor , very handy indeed .


  DieSse 22:25 11 Oct 2006

*If I make each window a bit smaller so I can see both screens on one monitor how do I stop one window disappearing when I click on the other window?*

You have totally baffled me there - if you have two windows on one monitor, then you always see both windows. That's got nothing to do with having two monitors.

  DieSse 22:28 11 Oct 2006

Whilst you can use Hydravision, and the equivalent software for nVidia cards - you don't actually need them - Windows already handles multiple monitors well.

I set a couple of such systems up three years ago - and one about five years ago using two graphics cards. They are simple and no problem at all.

  [email protected]© 06:59 12 Oct 2006

Thanks DieSse but if I have totally baffled you why make a comment?

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