Two maybe silly questions

  DANZIG 10:34 28 Mar 2007

1 - Can a DVD drive use CD's? (to burn on to and to read off)

2 - If a dual core processor has a speed of 1.5 Ghz, does this mean it theoretically works at 3 Ghz?


  wfulton_2121 10:39 28 Mar 2007

No to both of your questions

  wfulton_2121 10:40 28 Mar 2007

sorry yes to question 1 if the dvd drive has the rw feature

  [email protected] 10:43 28 Mar 2007

1. Not always. If the drive specifies DVD- or +, R or R/W format then that's all you can use. Those which do both are usually called "Combo's".
2. Hmmm, not really. What it does mean is the CPU is more able to "multi-task" rather than go faster.

  DANZIG 10:45 28 Mar 2007

So a 'Super Multi Dual Layer Drive' would be able to use both CD's and DVD's then?

  [email protected] 10:46 28 Mar 2007

and to question 2, what you have are 2 logical processors running at 1.5 each, it can get complicated with intel/ amd model numbers, for example, a single core AMD 3500+ runs at 2.2 and yet the model number 3500 means it's equal to a pentium 3.5 gz.
and an amd 5000 x2 means it would be equal to a pentium 5 gz (if there was such a thing!)

  DANZIG 10:50 28 Mar 2007

I have an external HD plugged into my home PC.

I'm buying a laptop today and would it possible to simply unplug the HD from the home PC and plug it into said laptop to transfer some data (photos and things)?

  Woolwell 11:30 28 Mar 2007

I have a DVD writer and a DVD reader in my PC. I can write CD's and read CD's in the DVD writer and read CD's in the DVD reader. This is the case with most DVD drives. You just need to check with your particular model.

  g0slp 12:23 28 Mar 2007

The answer to your third question is Yes

  anchor 14:51 28 Mar 2007

If your DVD drive is a DVD writer, I agree with Woolwell.

To be 100% sure, check your particular model. Identify it, and do a search on Google. This will tell you all the formats it will record to.

A DVD reader will read both DVD`s & CD`s

  DANZIG 08:54 04 Apr 2007


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