Two Major Windows Failures In Four Days!

  Dioxynucleic 19:27 03 Mar 2007

What are the chances?

First failure seems to have been caused by my prematurely switching the computer off while Windows shut down. Whatever, I found I could no longer access windows in any mode, tho' the boot into windows at least got under way.

Two days later, following a couple of reinstallations, I switched the computer on only to be mer with an error message. Corrupt configsys file, I think --- certainly something along those lines.

I was unable to effect a repair as recommended by Windows, the Mesh Recovery Disk I have doesn't appear to have that facility.

Anyway, I've reinstalled Windows & whle there are one or two little gripes, all appears well.

To return to my question. What are the chances of this happening again? Should I be looking for some deeper flaw in my copy of Windows (which is all legit & above aboard) or am I just really really unlucky.

I run a Mesh Matrix 3000+ NY on an AMD Athlon T 64 3500+ Processor with 1024 Mb RAM and a 250GB hard rive. It has a 128 Mb nVIDIA GeForce 6600 LE graphics card and an Acer 1916W 19 inch wide screen monitor.

Windows version: XP Home Edition. Version 2002. SP2. Completely updated.

  woodchip 19:37 03 Mar 2007

Switching off while it's running will not do any Windows Files any good. No computer likes that. For me I would agree that in today’s world on should mean on, and off should mean off. Not waiting for shut down. bout time MS got it's act together and made the above a Priority, not keep pushing big sell items like Vista. Most only type letters. But they need a computer that as the power to send a man into space. Sorry for that but it's how I feel

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:49 03 Mar 2007

We ALL have problems sooner or later, usually of own own making.

How fast we recover from it depends on what we did beforehand to prepare for such a problem.

If you have the full XP disk then problms are easier overcome then if XP is preinstalled (most likely nowadays).

Best option to recover from hrad drive or windows system failures is to copy the whole drive with something like Acronis True Image and back up on a regular basis.

15 minutes to restore an image. 25 if you have to fit a new HDD and then resore an image to that.

Spent 3 days once trying to figure why my machine was booting slow and had problems starting one of my favourite games. turns out I had left a blank CD in the RW drive.

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