Two laptops thru one desktop(simultaneously)

  Chegs ® 12:44 12 Nov 2005

I haven't presently got a WiFi router(I have a Wireless-Ready Gateway,that isn't WiFi ready until I buy an add-in card)so I setup a PCI Wireless card in my PC to allow my laptop access to the net thru my desktop.Then,yesterday I persuaded my partners sister to buy a USB WiFi dongle for her laptop.I rearranged my desktops software to allow her laptop access as well,only each time she fires up her laptop,my laptop gets cutoff.

I can see both laptops in "Profiles" on my PCI cards software,but I cannot see howto get the two machines together.As soon as I try to activate the second machine,the first loses its connectivity.
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  igk 13:17 12 Nov 2005

I think your problem is the "ad hoc" setting try another option if there is one (there should be others)if that does not work get back here as there is another solution that will take a bit of talking through...

  Chegs ® 13:35 12 Nov 2005

I've tried setting up the connections as "Infrastructure"(the only other option of connectivity)previously,without any success.

As the wired setup requires a "crossover" type cable,I presumed that the "ad-hoc" was the wireless equivalent.

As one laptops on 98se,I can only setup WEP to protect my Wireless network.

The various permutations available with networking are just a bit of a hobby,they aren't really necessary to anyone but myself(so I can say,"been there,done that" or not as in this case)

  Chegs ® 13:39 12 Nov 2005

PS: Rather than fight with XP and ICS,I used CCPROXY to get my laptop online,although I don't think that this is where the problem stems from.The problem appears to be strictly limited to the Ralink PCI card.

  Forum Editor 14:18 12 Nov 2005

via your PC but, to do it with two machines you'll need a switch or a hub. The right way to do it is via an ADSL wireless router, because although Windows ICS is OK it isn't ideal - the 'host' machine must be turned on at all times for the other machines to have access to the internet, and ICS doesn't support MS Messenger or NetMeeting.

Rather than splash out on a hub, and still use ICS, wouldn't it just be better to buy a proper wireless router?

  Chegs ® 14:29 12 Nov 2005

Your right Peter,but I cannot presently afford to buy an wireless ADSL modem/Router,or even a wireless router just yet.It is on my xmas pressie list though.

I bought the present Wireless-Ready Gateway over 18mths ago,since then my connectivity needs have changed significantly.

I have never yet managed to get Win ICS to work,always resorting to CCPROXY to enable the other PC's online.Via CCPROXY,the other PC's have always been able to use MSN Messenger(dont use Netmeeting)The only thing thats ever been a minor niggle was OE wont connect thru this app,only minor as Fraggle/partners sister both use Hotmail)

If its not possible to get both laptops online via the Ralink card in my desktop,then I will just have to shelve my fiddling around with the software until I can get a WiFi Router/Modem.

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