Two internet questions

  Mike D 07:41 27 Oct 2005

I have Tiscali broadband (but that info may be irrelevant), Opera and Sygate Firewall and, for the last two nights, according to Dan Elwell's Speedtest, my pings have gone way, way over what I should expect. So..

Q1: What affects pings and Is there something that I might have done to slow them down?

Q2: One particular site is no longer loading for me, but I can access it from a different pc. What might cause this?

And,of course the age old disclaimer: "I haven't changed anything since it last worked OK". Least ways I don't think I have.


  octal 07:49 27 Oct 2005

Probably a silly question, but have you run an A/V scan and spyware scan? Because you didn't mention it and if there is anything on your machine it will slow it down.

  Mike D 08:07 27 Oct 2005


Thanks - it's too early in the day for me to think straight.

I have run Adaware & Spybot and 1 item was found (Teledyne), which I have removed. Avast has picked nothing up, but I will do a full scan. Still cannot access from my pc, but as you can see from this message other sites seem to be OK.


  Mike D 07:50 28 Oct 2005

Well it's not really resolved in that Tiscali support have taken the problem on.

Thanks anyway.


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